Philippa Fibert

Philippa Fibert (RSHom, BSc, MSc) has an MSc research methods at Goldsmiths University, and is a Research Consultant for the Society of Homeopaths. She is currently working on homeopathic research for a PhD at Sheffield University in the School of Health, running a clinical trial using CEASE methodology as part of her PhD studies.

Philippa initially worked as a special educational needs teacher. After treating her own children with homeopathic first aid remedies, she trained as a homeopath. One of her cases was a nine year-old boy with ADHD. Philippa and the boy's mother were amazed by the results and Philippa decided to specialise in the treatment of behavioural disorders. She returned to University to study for a BSc in Homeopathy at Thames Valley University, where she conducted a review of the Research Trials of Homeopathy for ADHD, and meta analyses of the evidence based research. For her MSc Masters research degree at Goldsmiths University of London, she conducted a funded series of cases of 20 children with ADHD, where CEASE methodology made a significant difference to the outcome.

She runs a private homeopathic practice specialising in the treatment of emotional and behavioural difficulties in children in High Wycombe, Northampton and Sheffield, in England.