Michael Leger

Michael Leger began work in the alternative healthcare field in 1984 at Sherwyn’s Health food store in Chicago, where he was introduced to Homeopathy. After Sherwyn’s, Michael worked for Biotics Research and East Earth Herbs as an account manager. He picked up a Masters in Music Composition and worked in the music software industry before returning to the alternative healthcare field working as a consultant for Uriel Pharmacy – an Anthroposophical pharmacy – in East Troy. WI and for Celletech in Madison, WI. He founded Homeodynamics, LLC in 2010.

Michael is primarily an auto-didact, devoting a large amount of time to study homeopathy, anthroposophy and more generally in the creation of health. He practices plant alchemy in his spare time and lives in Madison, WI with his wife and a regular retinue of rescued dogs.