Carolyn Burdet

Carolyn Burdet has worked in publishing for 20 years as a writer and editor of books, journals and magazines.

She is an editor in book publishing, lecturer on a creative writing masters degree, features editor of an architecture design magazine, and UK contributing editor of online journal founded by Jan Scholten as a resource of interesting new cases.

Carolyn learned homeopathy from Misha Norland, with Continuing Professional Development with Alize Timmerman, the Joshis; Geoff Johnson, Dr Julie Geraghty and Dr Elizabeth Thompson’s team of medical homeopaths at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital’s Academic Department in England.

Carolyn trained in counselling, and 5 elements Traditional Chinese Medicine, before studying homeopathy, and incorporates homeopathy into counselling and therapy for people living with anxiety, creativity blocks, and life issues stemming from unresolved grief or loss.

“Once we match a remedy to the pattern our signs and symptoms, it dissolves energy blocks, and helps us to integrate our experiences, releasing the energy of our pure potential.”

Carolyn’s practice Pure Potential counselling with homeopathy, is based at the Practice Rooms counselling and therapy centres in England. She can be contacted by email on or for Pure Potential counselling and homeopathy on