Gordon Adam

Gordon Adam RSHom has been a homeopath, teacher and supervisor for 25 years. He works in Bristol, England, and Newport, Wales, where he co-runs The Newport Clinic of Holistic Health. He initiated ‘The Sea Remedies Project’’ in 2004 as a collaboration with 20 homeopaths, researching little known sea remedies. Gordon teaches a series of workshops ‘Sea Remedies – Healing from the Depths’. Each workshop features a particular biological group of sea creatures and includes proving information, materia medica, cases, video footage, substance information, differential diagnosis, and participation in short meditative provings. Participants are invited to share their cases and insights. Please contact Gordon for details:
website: www.newportclinic.co.uk/practitioners/gordon-adam/
email: Gordonadam@blueyonder.co.uk