Camilla Sherr

Camilla Sherr graduated from the Finnish Institute of Homœopathy in 1994. She practiced for two years and then moved to England to attend the Dynamis School of post-graduate studies. Camilla has taught the full Dynamis course in Finland and has lectured in the UK, Israel, Honduras, USA, Malta, Norway, Denmark and Bulgaria. In 1997 she spent three months teaching local doctors and practicing in the poor barrios of Honduras. Camilla has participated in many of the Dynamis provings and has edited ‘Dynamic Provings Volume 2’. She has published articles in European and American journals. She is the co-founder of HHA 'Homeopathy for Health in Africa' and has been living in Tanzania since 2009 treating people living with HIV/AIDS with homeopathy. She is the mother of Ike (14), Noga (7) and Amy (6).