Meghna Shah

Presently working as the dean of ‘The other song—International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy’ (Mumbai), headed by Rajan Sankaran, with whom she works as a clinic assistant and organisor of seminars and teachings. She is actively involved in research and in the editing of various homoeopathic books authored by Rajan Sankaran, such as "Sankaran's Schema", Structure-Experience with the mineral kingdom", "The Other Song- Discovering your parallel self". She co-authored "Survival - the Reptiles".  She has independently organized seminars for Rajan Sankaran for Indian doctors in 2005 and 2007. Both the seminars were grand success with a total attendee of 900 each time. She also has organized and conducted video courses in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kerala. She has  started and managed the web-group ‘insight-alliance homoeopathic’ on the website, a common portal and meeting place for like-minded colleagues to discuss various topics in homoeopathy for about five years. She is an  active member in organizing Wednesdays with Rajan, one of the most successful online forums in Homoeopathy.