Judyann Mc Namara

Founder of The Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH)

Before I became a homeopath I worked as a physicist and biomedical researcher; I am also an ardent disciple of Buddhist and Advaita philosophies. During my research career, experiments involving bio-photon exchange and transmission in living cells caught my interest and sparked me to explore quantum biology, subtle energy fields and homeopathy, of which the latter cured me of life-long symptoms related to congenital disease.

Homeopathy provided me with a new lease on life, and a new direction for my curiosity and training. By 1992, I had left my position as vice-president of a research company, and started my practice. In 2005, I founded the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, lovingly known as MICH (pronounced “meesh”), with Melissa Dair and Carla Marcelis, who have remained close friends and devoted colleagues.