Claire Stanford

Claire Stanford trained in Medicine at Oxford University followed by Vocational Training for General Practice. 

When her son suffered antibiotic resistant ear infections and was treated successfully by a homeopath, she became curious. She trained at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital culminating in the M Fac Hom in 2006  and since then has been inspired and influenced by the world’s foremost teachers. She works at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital and also has a private practice in Bath, UK as well as offering online consultations. She teaches on Bristol Homeopathic Hospital Academic Department's 4-year training in homeopathy for medically qualified doctors and vets.

“I have found that homeopathic case taking with it’s in depth exploration of suffering allows me to be more compassionate in my care as I am now free to explore all that the patient brings to the consultation. The study of familiar and new remedies never ceases to fascinate me. I have learnt so much from the generous case-sharing of my colleagues and feel this is an important part of developing homeopathic practice both individually and across our community.”


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