2007 October
Provings_Theory of /2
Provings_Theory of /2, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: proving, remedy, sensitivity, attention, event disturbance, personal disturbance
Armadillium Vulgare in an 'Asperger-girl'
Keywords: Armadillidium Vulgaris, Asperger, Astacus Fluviatuilis, Mollusks, Pediculus Capitus, Oniscus Asellus
Ptelea in a case with depression and headaches
Keywords: depression, ptelea, Angustura vera, ptelea trifoliata
First Chakra case examples
First Chakra case examples, by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Keywords: lycopodium, ambra grisea, stramonium, opium, nuphar luteum, bufo, kalium carbonicum, barium oxydatum
Potencies and Chakra's
Potencies and Chakra's, by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Keywords: chakra, coccyx, Symphytum, psora, itching skin, Muladhara
Cactaceae versus Falcon; New and Old approach in Homeopathy
Keywords: cactaceae, falcon, depersonalisation, falco peregrinus disciplinatus, constriction, anhalonium, rhenium metallicum, promethium muriaticum
Editorial october 2007
Editorial october 2007, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: editorial