2007 October

Editorial october 2007

by Anne Wirtz
As you will see in this October-edition we present you with various contributions of some colleagues regarding;
- old and new thinking,
- different ways of matching remedies,
- how to choose a potency according to the chakra-system.
Do not be confused by these different angles, they might inspire you and be of help from a system unknown before.
We do not want to be dogmatic in publishing only ‘one-way‘.
Why not controversial ideas or systems?
Colleagues can take notice and choose for him/her-self what is close to their talents. If the articles are clearly written and logically transmittable, the basic laws of the homeopathic system like the similimum-rule not be violated, we want to give a platform to share them with you. Take what you need and give your opinion.
In this edition;
Pavol Tibensky gives an example of the development ‘in old and new’ approachs of solving a case in; Cactaceae versus Falco.
The article about Potencies and chakra’s will be divided in 7 parts; one chakra per month.
Jan Scholten gives his theory on provings.
My intention was to give space to his ideas and systems in elements, plant- families and stages, but at this same time the editor of
‘Homeopathy 4 everyone’ published an extended interview with Jan in which he explains his ideas nicely and clearly, with some illustrative cases. My advice is to read it there (hpathy.com). In former editions and more to come you can find proof for these ideas in the cases we will share with each other in ’Interhomeopathy’.
Enjoy the Ptelea and Armadillidum vulgare case and you realize again how challenging every new patient will be while following his/her ‘trip’ to the very specific-fitting-the-person-remedy.

Anne Wirtz
Amsterdam NL

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