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Cactaceae versus Falcon; New and Old approach in Homeopathy

by Pavol Tibensky
Comparison of new and old approach in homeopathy - Cactaceae versus Falcon

Recent developments in homeopathy give us new points of view in investigation- strategies. We have many patients for whom it is impossible to find the right remedy with use of the repertory.
From the new viewpoints we can use information, for which repertorization is useless; like themes, sensations, hand gestures etc.

In this article I will give you some examples.

First case:
Girl V. D., born in 1982, suffers with depersonalizations. She hears herself on the left hand side. She hears her own voice from the left (this was false auditory perception - hallucination).
She has an interesting symptom: she feels, when she wants to put her foot on the floor,as if there is no floor. She tries to find it by downward-motion of the leg. This is an image of the descending of a falcon.
When the falcon is landing he comes down on a soft cushion on the arm of the falconeer. He smoothly lands on it and catches it with its claws.

With the use of the repertory it is very easy to find the remedy.

MIND - DELUSIONS - feet - touch scarcely the ground
calc-ar. camph. dat-a. falco-pe. peti. tep. thuj.
Anh. falco-pe. irid-met. nat-sil.

Using § 153 of Organon:
In this search for a homoeopathic specific remedy, the more striking, singular, uncommon and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms of the case of disease are chiefly and most solely to be kept in view;

November 2004: Falcon C 200:
Nothing happened. This means only the typical symptom of Falcon disappeared. Depersonalizations lasted.
She said: "I feel constriction in my throat and in the chest. Other people can see, do you notice it too? When I was in a shopping center, I felt constricted." She repeats many times this sentence "I felt constriction or constricted and I think that other people can see it.“
What does it mean?
She is controlling in situations where she feels constricted. Her feeling of constriction is experienced as chaotic.
From Sankaran‘s discoveries we know the right remedy: Anhalonium C 200. The remedy of the cancer miasm in the Cactaceae family.
When the patient was being born, there is information from a lady who was in the maternity hospital with the patient's mother during labor, not known by patient. Her mother shrieked "I don't want, I don't want" and she did not want to spread her legs. She pressed them strongly together. We know: to be born is normal, there is some resistance during labor, but the mother freely spreads her legs and does not put up any resistance. The feeling of constriction during labor is strange: from this information we could understand her feeling; She must be in control in situations of constriction.

Second case: Twins, born in 1971.

First Twin
R. E.: teacher and trainer of girls handball team and former member of national handball team. She visits me in June of 2005, for eczema.

Troubles with head – vision problems, hydrocephalus, migraine etc. She has a conflict with another handball trainer.
She says: "Nobody is able to work with him, everybody left him, everybody went to the space. Many of his colleagues leave him, they went to the open air –like birds. I am dependent. I always must cooperate, but I must be lower or higher then others, better. I must be mostly under somebody. Not on the same level. Like a child. Adult was authority for us. Our mother was the general. She was the authority. I need someone as a leader. I was not able to get my space. I feel constricted.
I let him suppress me and take away my space. Then there was a fight with him, wasting of energy. I must break through, we must set limits.
I am restricted by society, by demands put on woman. I feel like being wrapped by an armour. I feel as if I have a mist before my eyes, bandaged eyes or something like this. I blunder about in a fog. I am looking for something, I don't know what a I am, not able to find it. I am attracted to something. (A trained falcon wants to be free, but it must fly in circles and it returns to falconer after every flight, due to his dependance on him and food from him.)
My chest is constricted, tied up like in a corset.
Regularly I feel worthless, incapable of doing something."

During the consultation she repeatedly used similar hand gestures: fingers like claws and hands above her head like outspread wings.

EXTREMITIES - ERUPTIONS - Lower limbs - dry.
SKIN - ERUPTIONS – eczema.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - domination - long time; for a.
MIND - ANXIETY - family; about his.
MIND - ANXIETY - future, about.
MIND - AWARENESS heightened.
MIND - BUSINESS - incapacity for.
MIND - DELUSIONS - iron shield around him, has an.
MIND - DELUSIONS - separated - world; from the - he is separated.
MIND - DELUSIONS - worthless; he is.
MIND - DELUSIONS - wrong - everything goes wrong.
MIND - DISCONTENTED - himself, with.
MIND - HELPLESSNESS; feeling of.
HEAD - CONSTRICTION - band or hoop.

We see three possibilities with new homeopathy:
Plant remedy: sensation of constriction with features of syphilitic miasm – Cactaceae family – this remedy is not known yet.

Mineral remedy:
Stage 7: teaching, training, collaboration, cooperation, together, co-:
Gold series: Leader in teamwork, training: Rhenium metallicum.

Lanthanides: Introspection, hightened awareness, freedom, autonomy, head problems, plus
harsh upbringing by mother: Promethium muriaticum.

Bird remedy: Themes, used words, hand gestures and repertory leads us directly to Falco peregrinus disciplinatus.
After the remedy she is very well, she used it in 1M potency.

Second twin:
D. E.: former handball player, physiotherapist, single.
Suffers with bronchitis, frequent urination, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy.
She has a very jealous spouse. He likes lawsuits, if somebody offends him he wants solve it through lawyers. He is greedy and squanders her money. They have many quarrels. They broke up their relationship three times. She works in a foreign country. Her colleagues and boss consider her as a "gastarbeiter" (a guest worker in german language). Many clients put her down, they are not satisfied with her. They use abusive language towards her because she is a stranger. Almost the whole consultation she talked about relations between her and others.
She got the same remedy as her sister.
Uncommon was the physical symptom: "I felt pain in ankle, .. as if i had a chain around the ankle." She did not say anything about band or hoop around head. But she said: "I feel as if it is Gordian knot and I am not able to cut it. "And later she made a hand gesture, meaning the cutting of the Gordian knot.

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - suppressed.
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - domination - long time; for a.
MIND - ANXIETY - future, about.
MIND - AWARENESS heightened.
MIND - CHANGE - desire for.
MIND - CURSING - contradiction; from.
MIND - CURSING - rage - in.
MIND - DELUSIONS - betrayed; that she is.
MIND - DELUSIONS - division between himself and others.
MIND - DELUSIONS - prisoner; she is a.
MIND - DELUSIONS - trapped; he is.
MIND - DELUSIONS - wrong - everything goes wrong.
MIND - DESPAIR - future, about.
MIND - DRESS - conservative.
MIND - SELF-CONTROL - increased.
MIND - THINKING - complaints - agg.; thinking of his complaints.
BLADDER - URINATION - involuntary - night - children, in.
CHEST - INFLAMMATION - Bronchial tubes.
GENERALS - CONVULSIONS - epileptic - aura.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - meat - desire.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - milk - aversion.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - milk - aversion - boiled.
GENERALS - RIDING - car, in a - agg.

She used Falco peregrinus disciplinatus C 200 every month from December 2005.
Results after 8 months: no bronchitis, no epileptic fits, 6 kilo less.

Remedy given: Falcon 1M.
Results after 2 months: pregnancy, consultation with her spouse.
Next month: abortion.
August 2007: she feels better, she talks about her future pregnancy as obvious, without any doubts.

We see, we could be confused with both approaches – old and new.
The only possibility to avoid mistakes is deeper understanding of both systems.

Pavol Tibensky
Budovatelska 1, 906 13 Brezova pod Bradlom, Slovakia

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