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First Chakra case examples

by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
A boy of 12 years old is unable to leave the house and go to school. He does sports and he goes there on his own, but to go to school is impossible. When he is brought to school, he has no problem. His mother is not able to bring him to school all the time and it happened many times he did not go to school for this reason.
He is a good student. When he has to do a presentation he feels nervous, but once he starts he likes to do it.
These problems started when he was in the last class of primary school. The teacher started his lessons by telling the pupils that they had to start immediately with studying because this was the last year before high school and so it put a lot of pressure on them. He was very strict and talked about punishing as well.
In the morning when he wakes up there is no problem. During breakfast it starts: he has a strange sensation in his abdomen and he has to visit the toilet for 6 times.
He does not show off and is not concerned about children that show off. He feels embarrassed about his anxiety, but he is just unable to control it.
He likes sweets, he prefers warm food and his thirst is normal.

He is the 3rd child. After the 1st and 2nd delivery the mother lost a lot of blood and she had an out of body sensation. During the 2nd pregnancy the mother lost her father. The 3rd pregnancy was unexpected and she was still mourning. She was afraid for the loss of blood again and had the feeling: will I reach the end?

I gave Lycopodium C30: only the 1st dose had some effect, Lycopodium D12 with the same result, than Lycopodium C6. This was a good remedy in the right potency: he was able to go to school without any problem.
Some months later he started to visit the high school. He was going to school by bike with some mates. The boys started to tease him and then he decided to go to school all alone. He felt firm and no longer needed any support.

Explanation :
In this case the mother has the idea ‘not to reach her destination’ during the pregnancy of the child. The child takes over this idea within his cells. When he is confronted with the pressure that the teacher puts on him, he literally shows to have the feeling "not to reach his destination": it is simply the transfer from home to school that he is not able to perform.
C 6 is the potency that is needed when the structure of the inner feeling is the core of the case.

The patient is a woman of 82 years old in the last weeks of her life. The diagnose she had was cancer in the kidney with metastasis in the liver and in the lymph nodes in her abdomen. She had decided to accept that this would be the end of her life. She wanted her children to support her staying home and to say farewell to family members and friends. Nurses were helping her with bodily care. For no reason did she want to go to the hospital!
Her medication was rather simple: painkillers: Paracetamol, Naproxen and MS-Contin, a sleeping pill and a beta-blocker because of high blood pressure.
She was weak and anxious about falling. So when she visited the toilet her children could not leave her alone. Later the toilet was too far away from her bed and she had to make her stool in a chair near the bed. The company did not bother her in this case, but she was unable to make her stool. It was just impossible.
Opium C30 gave no relief, while in a earlier period in her life opium was very harmful for her. Ambra Grisea in C12 gave relief within some hours and from that moment on she had no problems about constipation. One week later she expired peacefully.

People of high age are trained to control their urine and their stool. This training started at the moment they were able to sit: at the age of 9-11 month. So the control is a physical control without being conscious. For this unconscious behaviour C12 is the right potency. Ambra Grisea in C12 released her from her trained ‘good manners’: in the beginning she had the conviction that even for passing a flatus she needed to go to the toilet!
C 12 is the potency when the structure of behaviour, or the body language is the core of the case.

The patient is a medical doctor of 84 who is taken into hospital with an acute CVA. He is totally paralyzed on the left side, the eyes are over to the right, he has lost his awareness about the left side of the body ( Delusion body, alive on one side buried on the other, body divided ). He has a toneless high voice, but he has good pronunciation. He cannot swallow. His behaviour is childlike and it is obvious that he does not recognize the person that he is speaking to. He starts being delirious on the sleeping tablets and from that moment on Nozinan is given to him.
Because of the severity ( see further 3rd charka ) I prescribe Stramonium LM 18 daily.
His recognition of people returns, the fixed the eye position disappears and the neglect of the left side diminishes. The motion of the left leg returns; the left hand he is able to use when paying full attention to it. The melody of the voice returns.
In the hospital he has to change his room three times. When his wife, after a visit to him, says she is going home, he asks her: "are you going to R?".( the village where she was born ). She says: “no I am going to the apartment” and he says: “OK then I’ll go along with you." "No” she says: “you stay here, you are lying in the hospital." "Yes that is what they tell me” is his answer.
Because of this, "doesn’t know where he is" situation and because of the prospect of his removal to the department for revalidation, I give a dose of Stramonium 30K.
After this dose he knows where he is, and he knows the reason for it. He also recognizes the situation of the patients who are sharing the room and he realizes his own situation.
Because he improved so much on Stramonium LM 18, this potency is maintained with a frequency of one dose a week. After his removal to the department for revalidation he feels lost again. After the explanation of the nurse he wants to go back to the hospital and he is restless. Stramonium 30K is repeated and the feeling to be at the correct address returns.
9 weeks after the CVA he returns home.

The reason in this case to give a 30K potency is the fact that the patient lost the feeling to be rooted by a number of moves within a limited time in surroundings that he does not recognize as his own. After Stramonium 30K he gets the feeling of being himself and being a patient in the hospital.

A man 45 years old visits me because of the quarrels between him and his wife. Some years before a man had attacked him with a knife coming from behind. The man was a patient in the psychiatric hospital where he used to work. At that time he was the same age his father was when he died suddenly. He has been over-strained afterward. The relationship problems have arisen because his wife started flirting with someone else. Initially he asked her to stop, but it happened again. He became more vehement in his protest and finally he beat her.

The remedy I prescribe is Barium Oxydatum: initially ( at the time he was attacked ) he was powerless at that moment and he was the victim, then he is the victim of these powerless feelings. In the course of a number of months I prescribe MK, 200K and 30K. The remedy works well.
Three months later he puts the bottles on my desk, takes back 30K and says: “I’ll keep this potency, this gives me the feeling of my own inner self!”
The separation is a complete fight. He repeats the remedy according to his own need. Finally he refuses his wife access to the house after another visit to the ‘other man’ and he puts all her things outside. Then by himself he is taking care of the children. Financially he does not allow her to take any more. To keep the house was especially important to him. The house was built by his family, his mother and her two sons after the death of his father.

In this case the patient himself explains that the remedy in 30K potency gives the feeling "to be rooted into oneself”. The preservation of the house is very important to him because it belongs to him and his family built it.

This patient is a boy of 3 years old. He is restless, busy, goes out to investigate and escapes impulsively from his mother. He learned to talk slowly, shouts all the time, even has screeching attacks: these rise suddenly and suddenly are gone. He has dry red cheeks and a red chin. In the room he does not notice me. For some time he is playing and during the consultation he approaches his mother and asks repeatedly the question: “when are we going home?” ( Home: desires to go home, talks of home ). The total expression of the child shows the picture of Belladonna. I give him the remedy in 30K. In the course of 2 months he changes into a sociable toddler.

In this case the choice for the potency is based on the fact that the picture of the remedy is recognized in the structure of the total being of the child.

A young man of 22 years, born with the downs syndrome, comes in the company of his father because he has boils on his legs and buttocks. He does not want any plasters.
My first question is: does he take his position? ( What I mean is: is he aware of who he is, does he know what he wants? ) In the course of the consultation it proves not to be like that. Imitating, he uses the term "I" if he says solemnly "I allow you to speak", but in reality he does not say “I”. At the time he is scolding he says "oil ball" or "grandfather” and he does not understand that this is not at all impressive! ( Speech nonsensical ) He also takes literally what other people say. If I put the question to his father, does he sit rapidly on the cupboard? ( a Dutch expression for: is he easily upset ) he wonders whether he could sit there. His parents trained him thoroughly for weeks to teach him to go to work by bicycle, but as soon as a car stops in an unexpected place, he becomes angry and shouts at the car that he should move, addressing the car as the moving object. Once he almost had an accident, afterward people at his work advised his parents to let him go by bus.
One week after starting Bufo Rana LM 3 he uses the word “I”: “that I do not!” “I don’t like that!”. He takes initiative and the boils disappear. He ran away from his Saturday job. He had a job to help the green-grocer. At the time he was angry, he was scolding and used the appropriate but not allowed words and the green-grocer ( a father of 3 little children ) ordered him to stop or go home. So he went home.
In the course of time I give him Bufo Rana in higher potencies.
Then a new complaint is his behaviour. He is very rigid and dogmatic. An example: weekly he goes swimming with a group of handicapped people and he is allowed to buy one candy after swimming. He applies that rule for all group members! Another example: he can be busy for hours copying music-cassettes. If someone asks him to put some clothes away, he starts to quarrel; he has a task already. A large problem during this consultation is that the date for the appointment has changed and appointments are appointments, it should be fixed.
He gets Kalium Carbonicum 30K one dose and afterward he lives in an easier way, he grumbles no longer and is no longer compulsive.
In the mean time he took Bufo Rana LM 12 twice a week and now he shows the remedy-picture; the boils return and he does not communicate properly. His father is very satisfied because he is so happy, but I see him giggling and grasping at himself and I am not at all pleased. With Bufo Rana LM 3 once a week he is in a better balance. He remains lively, his communication improves and the boils are gone. In his job he is able to be the telephone operator from time to time!

In this case the reason to choose the potency of the remedy Bufo Rana was based on the fact that the structure of the genetic material and the total picture of the patient are appropriate as the remedy picture. For me it was clear that he did a proving on a higher potency. The remedy Kalium Carbonicum is related to the picture of his education. The moment he got the remedy that picture was dominant. As a toddler he has had bronchitis many times and twice he had pneumonia. At the age of 5 he has been treated by a homeopath. After the remedy he got at that time, he had kind of a boil-plague and afterward he was cured.

A woman 40 years old has visited me now for a number of years concerning complaints of eczema on the hands and cracks on the fingers. For a rather long period she was better on Alumina and afterward on Petroleum.
Her complaint at this time is that she wakes up in the morning with an absent feeling. She has to rise at that moment because she has to make breakfast for her children and give them fresh orange juice. After breakfast she returns to her bed because she is dead-tired. On the slightest effort she is extra tired and she has much pain because of her myalgia. After effort she has no more energy for the rest of the day.
She has the flu very often and feels sick. That is always notable.
She has a very easy life. Formerly she had a little job as a gym teacher, but she quit. Just for one hour a week she is teaching gym. “Living in such an easy way, I should be fit”, she says. Her husband gives her a hand with the household as well.
A year ago they moved onto a farm in the suburbs with lots of animals. She always had animals, they give her a lot of pleasure. She is fond of animals and does not eat meat for that reason. She rides a horse, but for a period has been very anxious. In fact she is not able to control the horse. From time to time her husband rides her horse to educate him. The use of violence is repugnant to her.
She does not want to make love and feels bad about it in regard to her husband. When they make love, however she enjoys it, but she only has the urge once every 3 or 4 weeks.
Her father had multiple sclerosis. He was sitting for 10 years in a wheelchair and died when she was the age of 18. Her mother was bitter about it. At home a sombre feeling dominated. To be with the animals was her escape. Also the family of a girlfriend was a nice sanctuary. For her that family was an example of comfort and harmony. They had breakfast together, simply, with everything you like on the table.

I prescribe Nuphar Luteum 30K. After 6 weeks she has much more energy; “at last no longer such a sore body” she says. She likes to rise up in the morning to prepare breakfast for everyone.
The horse riding is improved. Her horse follows better and she has found a better trainer. She is now at one with her horse.

The relationship with her mother is difficult, she feels forced, for that reason I give her Nuphar Luteum 200K and MK. She reports back after 6 weeks over these potencies. "After 200K I feel the same as I feel with my period; I become nasty with it." After the MK it disappeared. She is most satisfied with 30K. The relationship with her mother does not change, however she is able to recognize the life situation of her mother in former days and is more understanding of her. She sees her children growing up uninhibited and enjoys it.

The picture of Nuphar Luteum is recognized in the story concerning her youth. Her love for animals, dark environment at home and the invalidating illness of her father. Moreover, the picture of the ideal family of her girlfriend, there they have breakfast together. Violence is repugnant to her (sensitive to moral impression). The remedy is appropriate to her nature, 30K brings her to herself and she loses her embittered feelings about her youth.
I asked her about the love for animals and she said she loves animals like we love people; for this reason she is not able to command her horse. She does not command her dog either. After taking Nuphar Luteum she starts to have more authority concerning her animals.

Finally my own experience with the remedy Opium.
After an operation I needed Pethidine for I was very weak and could not stop retching.
Before this event I recognized my need for Opium because I had no emotions while seeing fire accidents on television ( later I realized I was disassociated ). I needed to have feelings for these kind of accidents because fire took my sister's life. After some amounts of Opium (200K and MK) which I had taken, I lost some bad fantasies, but otherwise nothing changed.
With a group of colleagues we performed a proving with Opium 30K. My first response was the repetition of the word: ‘potverdorie’ ( ‘damn’ ) was in my mind. During the following days I went through a very emotional weekend. I talked about the suicide of my sister. Further, nothing seemed to happen.
After half a year later a nephew of mine, at the age of 2, lost his life in a fire in his room. At that time my family talked about the fire in the summer house in our garden, caused by children playing with fire. As a child of 2, I was in the summerhouse while it was burning and my mother had to save me. And knowing this story I realize the aetiology of my need for Opium and I recognized delusions about a wall falling as belonging to that experience. (Those pictures I suppressed by paying no attention, being afraid for a psychotic state which is part of my family history as well). The word ‘potverdorie’ (‘damn’), I think is the word my mother shouted at the moment she was confronted with the disaster.
One week after I heard this story there was the disaster with the fireworks in Enschede, still I had no emotional feelings about fire. I was overwhelmed for the first time in my life by the big fire in Volendam, 15 months after the proving! Improbable? The person with whom I shared the experience of the burning summerhouse still has no feelings. Afterward I repeated Opium 30K because of constipation which was promptly changed and for the first time I got the feeling that I am allowed to be!
One year later seeing the pictures of the fire in Volendam for a second time, my emotional feelings have become deeper. For the first time I am able to find appropriate words to express them.

From this last passage it becomes clear how the 30K potency solves problems that are to be recognized in a remedy picture and has an aetiology in early life. It looks like the picture is fixed in flesh and blood and in the course of a long time it slowly disappears. Definitely it is gone after using all potencies. (see 7th chakra).

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