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Potencies and Chakra's

by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
About potencies

Homeopathy as a curing system is based on the law ‘similia similibus curentur’. This means at the end of the consultation we choose the right similimum to cure the patient. The second law is about the potency: we prescribe the right potency of the remedy. Until this time many people have written about how to apply the potencies.

In aphorism 278 Hahnemann describes: “only based on the pure experiment, by careful observation about the response of the patient and with the right experience you are able to choose the right potency in every special case.”
Boericke gives recommendations about the use of the potency at the end of every remedy-picture described in his Materia Medica. Köhler gives advice as well. Fernand Debats describes how to apply LM potencies (SSC September1996) and in the Links Volume 14 Autumn 2001 Gabriel Campuzano Piña has an article about LM potencies as well. In SSC September 1997 Marguerite Pelt gives us her ideas concerning the application of the potencies.

In the Links Volume 16 Autumn 2003 Rajan Sankaran shows us his ideas about the application of the potency based on 7 levels.

During his seminar about ‘realms’ or ‘Kingdoms’ in Wageningen April 1999, Chaim Rosenthal in passing explained how the ideas of the ‘realms’ could also provide ideas about the choice of the potency.
According to his ideas:

The word ‘structure’ is related to remedies of the mineral-kingdom. The related potency is 30K. If in a case the structure is to be restored: the structure of the mind, the structure of the tissues etc., the best potency to choose is 30K.

The word ‘function’ or ‘grow’ is related to the plant-kingdom. The related potency is 200K. If in a case the function is to be restored: the function of the liver, the generative function, the function of the mind etc., 200K is the best potency to apply.

The word motion and emotion is related to the animal-kingdom. The related potency is MK. If in a case the emotional reaction is to be restored, the MK potency is the best choice.

The better explanation would have been: vegetative nerve-system instead of the plant-kingdom, and animal nerve-system instead of animal-kingdom. Nevertheless: the core of his ideas was right.

Searching for the appropriate application of the higher potencies as well, I found the system of the chakra’s a very useful frame. As the ideas of Rajan Sankaran this frame has 7 levels.

Sankaran applies the word ‘name’ to level one: clinical homeopathy is the application of a homeopathic remedy in a very low potency based on the name of the disease.
I would like to add this level to the 7 level-system of the chakra’s and give it the number zero: this is the (nearly ) inert state of disease and the state is influenced by the almost crude form of the remedy.

A woman, aged 67 visits me with only one question: "Can you do something about osteoporosis?" She has a pain in the coccyx extending to both legs, right < left. Perspiration on the back and the back of the head. She dislikes milk and never drinks it.
4 Years before we ‘closed’ her file: after a period of struggle she ended with a divorce. Now she has the feeling that everything is in order and just this pain and the worry about the osteoporosis is bothering her.
I decide to let it be simple and describe Symphytum D6 and Calcarea Phosphorica D6, both for daily use.

6 weeks later: she explains that Symphytum is the unknown plant that showed up in her own garden in May. Wandering in her neighbourhood she notices Symphytum along the roadsides.
About herself she mentions: "during the last weeks I combined aspects of my dreams (always very vivid!) and snippets of memory and I remember my grandfather abusing me at the age of 2. I looked back at myself standing at the quay, waiting for my father who came home with his ship. He was a sailor. I hear myself telling him: 'Milou is dead.' At that time I called myself ‘Milou’."

From that time on a new period in her life starts. The ‘Milou’ is back in life and develops. (Delusion newly born into the world, Delusion neglected, Delusion being nobody). The pain in her coccyx disappears and the osteoporosis isn’t that painful any more. On her own she stops taking the remedies.

The Chakra's
The chakra-system is a philosophical model of the Universe, extending seven levels, which has been in existence for more than four thousand years. The intention of yoga is to develop human consciousness in a way that it will become even with the Universal Consciousness. The stages in this development are represented by the chakra's: the chakra's to be the centres of vital energy related with the different levels of awareness in the human system. We are able to recognize the expression of the chakra's in the way we look, in the patterns which we manifest in our life, and in the way we handle the situations that life brings us.
The seven chakra's, the translation of the word chakra literally is wheel or disk referring to a rotating circle of bio-energetic activity, are located in the body from coccyx to vertex where the large plexus of the nerves are found. The lower four chakra’s express themselves by material and social laws of order: these correspond to the idea of the "kingdoms". The upper three chakra's are related to the mental part, insight and wisdom: here we can see the human expression to be unique.

First chakra
K potency: 6C/K up to 30C/K, LM potency LM1 up to LM6

The translation of the Sanskrit name of this chakra: Muladhara is ‘root-chakra’ and it is localized in the coccyx. The element being appropriate at this chakra is earth and the nature of the chakra is: be without conscience. The expression is the physical identity or the structure of the body on is own. Here the same words which are appropriate at Mineral-kingdom return: to be, to exist, structure etc. The appropriate miasm is the psora. Characteristic for the psora is the itching skin. The skin is the border of the body and if by tingling, it asks attention continuously, you will be aware of that boundery. Harry van der Zee describes in his book ‘Miasms in Labour’ the period just before delivery: the sensation of the 'housing' becoming too tight to the skin and the change has to take place.

Earth is the appropriate element to this chakra: to acquire stability it is important to be rooted. Our house as well as our property renders the feeling of stability and security. We build ourselves an existence.

To use the system as a frame to choose the potency for myself, it was helpful to divide surrounding-factors and physical factors being appropriate at the chakra.

Surrounding factors
I without mirror, unaware about myself.
The floor.
The house.
The sources of existence.

Physical factors
The structure of the hereditary material.
The structure of the tissue of the organs.
The entire body.
The structure of mind and emotion: the nature.
The organ of sense: the sense of smell.
Life period: the period in the uterus up to and including the first year.

Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Bart Timmersstraat 5 - 5401 BX Uden, the Netherlands

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