2007 December
Homeopathy and the integration of feelings -2-
Keywords: psora, Samuel Hahnemann, miasmic disposition, Sangeeta Chawla, chronic miasm of psora, Sulphur, Catherine Coulter
Third chakra cases
Third chakra cases, by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Keywords: calcarea fluorica, lac delphinum, Chaim Rosentha, Manipoera, epithumia, Harry van der Zee, Lac Caninum
Hafnium in Sleeplessness
Hafnium in Sleeplessness, by Pavol Tibensky
Keywords: hafnium, sleeplessness, Jan Scholten
Rhodium Muriaticum Fear of failure in creating a baby
Keywords: Rhodium Muriaticum,
Strontium muriaticum and Adrenalin for Stressful menopause
Keywords: stressfull menopausal symptoms, strontium muriaticum, adrenalin, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Strontium-90, Morgan-pure, Bowel nosodes, sinus congestion, hot flushes, Adrenalin, disinclination for mental work, bronzing of skin, loss of strength, wasting, exceedingly rapid pulse, allergic to dairy products, hay-fever, self-medicate
Germanium in Migraine
Germanium in Migraine, by Pavol Tibensky
Keywords: Germanium metallicum, covering up
Editorial December '07
Editorial December '07, by Sally Williams
Keywords: editorial