2007 December

Germanium in Migraine

by Pavol Tibensky
Germanium metallicum case

A 57 year old man suffers with migraines, high blood pressure, and a benign urinary bladder tumor. His headache is provoked by draft, worse for him is air conditioning. He once had a headache in a thermal spa and once during a seminar put on by his Oil company. The pain was overwhelming: "I was formally there, but I heard nothing due to my headache. When I have a migraine, I will run away from office.“ According to his wife he denies the deluge, he covers everything, (according to her flood –this is a symbolic picture of something) what is not possible to deny or what does he need to cover. He is not able to say no. When somebody offers him alcohol, he drinks, looks friendly, satisfied, friendly with everybody, but the next day he denies what he said, what he did. He has complete loss of memory after drinking and denies everything. When he is invited with his wife to a party, he says "We must go here, we must go there", he pretends kindness everywhere, but is angry at home afterward and his wife is the victim of his (suppressed) anger.

His job is to be somebody who is not owner of petrol station, but is responsible for it and the employees. It is owned by a petrol company like Slovnaft, Shell, or Aral. He does not say anything when his employees do something wrong. "What could you say? It is not possible to do something about it." He carries on as if everything is fine, but it is only an act. He is angry at home. He would like to dismiss his employee when he is at home, due to his mistake, but when he is back at office, he says; "You know, it was a little mistake, it is very small, maybe it was not your fault, etc."
The main feature of his personality is covering up. Nobody is allowed to see his weakness. We only see the outside, a facade, a mask. He pretends that nothing is wrong. He is not able to quarrel with anyone; "I feel anger, I say nothing, but I would like to break somebodies jaw. It is not worth it."
He is always in a hurry, mostly at work, but in sports too. He must be the first one in cycling or cross country skiing. When he is not the best, he refuses to participate.
He has similar behavior in almost all activities and behind this is the same idea: what other people would say.
When somebody blames him for something, he denies his role in the matter; "I did not tell it, I did not do it!" and so on.
He is not able to stand the interruption of his plans. "When I want to do something in the garden and it is rainy, I am very angry."
Dream: "We were in the forest and a tree was falling on top of me; there was no possibility to run away. I was not able to make step aside."

Food: he likes many foods. "I likes salt and spices, but I lost interest in this food immediately when the doctor forbade it."

Some rubrics:

MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - suppressed.
MIND - ANGER - interruption; from.
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anger - indignation; with.
MIND - DELUSIONS - controlled - movement and thought is; every.
MIND - ANXIETY - conscience; anxiety of - observed, on being.
MIND - BROTHERHOOD; sensation of.
MIND - CONFIDENCE - want of self-confidence - failure, feels himself a.
MIND - DELUSIONS - nobody; being.
MIND - DELUSIONS - wrong - done wrong; he has.
MIND - DISCONTENTED - himself, with.
MIND - FEAR - opinion of others, of.
MIND - INTERRUPTION - intolerance.
MIND - PLEASING - desire to please others.
MIND - RAGE - passing quickly.
MIND - SENSITIVE - opinion of others; to the.
MIND - TALKING - clichés; in.
HEAD - PAIN – pressing.
DREAMS – futile efforts.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - spices – desire.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - chocolate – desire.

Remedy given: Germanium 1M, May 2005.

Peggy L. Mann - Dislocations in etched germanium single crystal (100x) (

Follow up: June 2005: "Nothing happened!!!“

According to his wife, he had no migraine, he is less nervous, he sleeps better, his urination during the night is less frequent, and his perspiration is diminished. His blood pressure lowered from 200/120 to 140/80 Torr.

From September 2005 I gave Germanium 1M every month. During two years he has had a migraine only once, when he visited a thermal spa. No receding of his bladder tumor. His blood pressure is still high, his sensitiveness to opinion of others is lower, but still lasts.

Pavol Tiben, Slovak republic

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Keywords: Germanium metallicum, covering up


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Posts: 2
Reply #2 on : Wed December 05, 2007, 08:42:31
I selected situations from his life, where is understandable or visible his behavior. His avoiding or covering. His headache began from time, when he was elected as a chief of petrol station. He feels incapability typical for mineral remedy. He is not leader from gold period, he is worker, but he is in situation, when he must cover his insufficiency for leadership. This is in selected dream too. "We were in the forest and a tree was falling on top of me; there was no possibility to run away. I was not able to make step aside."
I think, this is his situation in his job. His leadership is fallen tree. Top is his head. His coping mechanism is like stage 14: he is not able to make step aside.
“I was formally there, but I heard nothing due to my headache. When I have a migraine, I will run away from office.“
From his description of headache we see his coping mechanism – coping mechanism of stage 14.
I found this remedy after repertorisation and studying of materia medica.

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Reply #1 on : Sun December 02, 2007, 02:35:00
I think every case should be required to have an analysis section. Why was the remedy chosen? It is not suficient to just say, "Oh, I used Scholten's method". His method is open to a lot of different interpretations. I dont necessarily see Germanium here. When you have a huge number of rubrics there are consequently a huge number of possible remedies. Otherwise it is a great case; good response to the remedy. Good work.