2007 December

Third chakra cases

by Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD
Third Chakra K potency: 200K or 1 MK, LM potency LM 12 of LM 18:

The Sanskrit-name for this chakra is Manipoera most often translated into "sparkling jewel". In Greek the term epithumia is used which means "covetousness". The two translations show aspects of the element fire. In this chakra, localize in the plexus solaris, passion and emotion are established. Emotion is of the same stem as the English word motion. Motion or movement has been linked to the "animal kingdom". Chaim Rosenthal uses the words; want, instinct, sensitivity, competition and desire. The miasm which is appropriate is the syphilitic: Chaim Rosenthal shows us the prostitute who has to work at night aiming on the nocturnal worsening of Luesinum. Ortega describes the miasm with "bend or burst, it is "there on or there under". Harry Vander Zee indicates the labor at the period of the delivery itself to "bow down and go for it". A child who does not bow down cannot pass the birth canal. Every new start we need; "the courage to bow down".
In the field of sexuality we talk about passion and sensuality. In the picture of remedies of animal resources this aspect shows itself commonly. Mammals living in families like swine, dogs and cats, live in their own territory. The young ones have to find their own territory. Immediately after birth they have to find a nipple to suck. From the birth day on there is competition about the best position and it is important to have a high rank in the hierarchy. The Delusions appropriate to the remedy Lac Caninum are; being dirty, being despised, errors or identity. Moreover the Mind-rubrics appropriate for the remedy are; "Anxiety from doubt about success" and "rage from contradiction". The message which lies in dog milk is that you yourself must go for the profit and that success is not ensured.

Surroundings factors:
We compared with they.
The world outside its own environment.
Situations which evoke violent emotions such as fear, anger, pleasure, domination and passion.
Fight or Flight responses.

Physical factors:
The system mastered by the sympaticus: heart and lungs.
The animal nervous system.
The muscles obeying the will.
The throat and larynx to shout, shriek and cry.
Organ of sense: the sight.
Life period: the period from 1½ to 4 years, the period of the development of the will.

Patient is a woman of 49 years old. Her complaint is pain in both her legs and the buttocks. The pain is glowing in character. She has easy conversation. At the age of 40 she was over-strained. In that period she had a girlfriend with whom she fell in love with more and more. By nature she is bisexual. Her husband knew about it. In the situation with this girlfriend she was faced by it all of a sudden, her girlfriend turned away from her the moment she decided to choose her family, her husband and her sons.
She is very creative and enjoys to show the products of her art. Others are not allowed to touch the piece she is working on. Her husband and children are allowed to give some advice or comment, but they have to keep their hands off.
Toward other people she is very open, exuberant. It is a big problem for her that she is very open especially when in group of people like a party. She is very social. She hears the conversation of several groups at one time and keeps them all in mind. It keeps her busy for several days and it hard work to get rid of them.
She is from a family with alcohol and drug addiction in several generations. At home the atmosphere was tense. If her father was drunk he could start to beat her brothers. Nevertheless her father had a good job. Her father took her mother out. Her mother played the role of showing the picture of a nice family. She invited someone to stay in her household once, to get rid of her drug addiction! Her youngest brother used drugs.
The patient had to obey her mother. Her mother did not have any respect for others. There was always the possibility her mother would create a problem and she had to solve it. At home violence always was present in the atmosphere, you had to watch for your safety. Therefore at home she was always withdrawn and if the atmosphere is like it was those days again she recognizes herself having this behavior.

I gave her Lac Delphinum MK on the basis of her enormous creativity, her openness and her group feeling. Two months later she was doing fine and lost her pain. She recognizes more rapidly what belongs to someone else and lets it be.

In this case I choose for the MK potency because her complaints are related to a situation outside her own environment. In that situation the patient is not able to withdraw from information which comes in from everywhere, and with that kind of openness she is now able to handle it much better since the use of the Lac Delphinum MK. She herself repeats the remedy according to her need.

Patient is a woman of 40 years old. She is visiting me concerning complaints of violent pain of the right ovary. During intercourse it is terribly painful. In the period before this complaint had arisen she caught a terrible cold, she had cystitis and a vaginal infection. In that period she also had a stinging pain in the abdomen during intercourse.
They are living in a tense time, they bought a new house and it takes too much time to sell the old one. In the new house they planned an alteration and money is needed for it, but because the old house is not sold this money is not available. On top of everything all of a sudden her husband might loose his job. So suddenly they have to live economically. It takes a lot of time to find where you can cheaply buy all the things you need for the house.
When she was a kid her parents had to spare money. Her mother still lives completely economically.

I prescribed Calcarea Fluorica MK, because of her physical complaints and the imminent financial situation (Delusion will become to want, Anxiety money matters). One month later she reports that her complaints are improved and she does not worry about the financial situation and the house. After some time she is stressed by the situation again and the remedy is repeated in 1 MK dose. They decide to rent the house for about half a year.
During the week of the move I repeat the Calcarea Fluorica in 30K: during that period the threat about the job of her husband is the main concern. The remedy gives her relief. The insecurity about the job ends with a new job, one week later the old house is sold. For half a year the house will be rented, but in the future it will be certain.

In this case the first dose of the Calcarea Fluorica was in 1 MK potency because of the acute situation. With this dose the abdominal complaints disappeared and the tension about the financial situation lowered. In this potency the remedy is repeated.
Calcarea Fluorica in 30K was given in advance of the move, because moving is losing your base. She is able to face the situation and has an abundance of energy. Fortunately in that period the future also changes in a positive sense.

Margriet Plouvier Suijs MD

Keywords: calcarea fluorica, lac delphinum, Chaim Rosentha, Manipoera, epithumia, Harry van der Zee, Lac Caninum


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