2007 December

Hafnium in Sleeplessness

by Pavol Tibensky
Case of Hafnium

A 50 year old man visited my office for sleeplessness. He is co - manager of chemical factory. He refused repeatedly to admit any problems in his factory and his family. He admits only problems during the start of his managerial post, those problems he considered solved. He works a lot, many times more than 16 hours daily. He is very responsive, when is problem in factory, he leaves his home and returns to the job. He is quite irritable, but mostly at home. He is very friendly, very kind, communicative person. He smiles almost all the time during interview. He loves music, he plays many instruments, with his band plays weddings and so on. He loves cars, he is fanatic to the repairing of cars. He would like to do this in the future. His colleague manager is less responsible, likes new cars and he is proud he is somebody. Contrary, my patient is friendly to his employees, he does not want to harm them, he is considered more their colleague than their boss. He is a gourmand, he likes fishes, his appetite is increased in the evening after work.
His physical complaints: inflammation of the sinuses with greenish discharge from his nose, pain of ribs/Tietze syndroma/, and frequent urination due to prostate gland inflammation.
Description of his sleeplessness: "I am not able to fall asleep in the evening. I discovered when I go to bed at 11 p. m., sleep is impossible. When I go to bed every day one hour later, I sleep one hour more." He slept from midnight to 2 o‘clock, from 1 to four and from two o‘clock to 6 o‘clock. He talked about this discovery smiling and very excited. I considered this; he is a boaster, he is haughty, he is ambitious, but I was not right. Nux vomica and Aurum did not help.
I was not able to find a remedy for him without help from outside. His wife was a help to me: he has a problem in his job. He does not admit it, but he wants to purchase a car for their company, he will use this car for his job and private use. This is big problem because his colleague manager has a very expensive car and he wants a similar one. But he considers; this is not good for the eyes of their employees to purchase an expensive car. He is not able to decide the right solution, he wants to be the boss and does not want to be criticized by his employees for this.
Wife of his friend: "My husband does not like him for this feature; when my husband says something, he says the contrary,“ this could be right, but I think it is like this etc etc. “ He says this smiling, it looks haughty."

After this information the remedy was more clear: Jan Scholten’s description of the remedy Hafnium:

A half hearted director:

They are afraid of getting too arrogant, that is why they try to remain on equal footing with their employees. They may get stuck in this half way position, on the one hand being equal to their employees, and on the other hand knowing they are higher up on the ladder. They can only assert their authority in a half hearted manner, they don't take full responsibility and they don't radiate enough self confidence to be taken seriously by their minors.

Then I remembered features of stage four as an official start of a job, art, discovery etc. His description of sleeplessness was not boasting, but he was excited by the joy of his discovery –of beginning to understand his sleeplessness.

Remedy given: Hafnium 1M

He slept much better after the remedy, but he admits only slight amelioration. This information is from his wife: "He considers selling his part of company and changing his job." He used the remedy 4 times during one year.

Pavol Tibensky, Slovak republic

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Reply #4 on : Tue January 15, 2008, 00:06:10

While I prefer cases with less uncertainty in the ideal, I'm happy to get what ever information I can with an unknown remedy like Hafnium. I don't want to discourage people from publishing whatever they have on remedies like this. From this information we will get more cases in time which will round out the remedy picture, and then we will have gained a lot.

But thanks for your comment, which prompted the follow-up comment. And thank you, Pavol.

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Reply #3 on : Wed December 05, 2007, 08:43:39
I confirmed this remedy during next examination after his travelling to China.
He sleep much better, during last three monts almost every night. His description of China was like somebody, who discovered China. This was excited speech of somebody, who is very surprised from his discovery. This was excited description of chinese industry, development of China, of preparation of Olympic games etc: subject of his interest is one of leader from gold serie.
/This is unbelievable, what Chinese are able to produce /Mercedes like cars, Rolex like watches etc/, what are able to build /Olympic stadium/etc./
Description of this trip from his wife was very different.

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Reply #2 on : Sun December 02, 2007, 02:54:30
it's interesting that Intel has announced that hafnium will be the next silicon i.e. it will take the place of silicon in the next generation of computer chips. There seems to be similarity between hafnium, and silicon Homeopathicly with a lack of spine. both materials can be doped (impure) so that they turn on and off depending on the electric voltage applied. when they are perfect un-doped crystals they are strong insulators.

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Reply #1 on : Sun December 02, 2007, 02:46:08
It would be better to wait and get more followup before posting such a case. Although it looks promising when someone wants to make a life change like this. I don't think it helps Homeopathy to produce cases prematurely. There could be complete relapse and another remedy chosen. Then what have we gained?