2007 December

Strontium muriaticum and Adrenalin for Stressful menopause

by Ai-Ling Makewell

A woman aged 58, named Marilynn, came to see me seeking relief from her many menopausal symptoms (she counted up to 17), which started when she was 52 years old. Among the 17 symptoms the hot flushes was the worst. Often, she had to strip off her clothes down to a singlet a few times throughout the day to cool down even during the winter period. Depression is also a problem. Up to the present, she has been taking Natural HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) – helped to some extent but not much has changed.
Apart from the menopausal symptoms, she has neck-aches from whip lashes when involved in a car accident. This also causes headaches from time to time. There was/is chiropractic work done regularly every fortnightly for few years to no effects. Other symptoms are mild hypoglycemia, diarrhea result from eating fatty foods, painful eyes (her art work and reading can cause eye strain), allergic to milk, dairy products, egg plant, tomatoes though loves these very much they cause sinus problem, very cold feet, and urine has a strong foetid smell (had blood test done showing leaking proteins). Marilynn has a very thin physic (emaciated) as she has trouble putting on weight though desires so. Dry vagina is another distressing physical symptom that concerns her.

Food desires include strawberries, ice-cream, lime, lemonade, chocolate, egg plant, tomatoes. She has aversion to cooked broccoli and ice cold water.
Mentally, fears that she is heading toward Alzheimer’s because of her forgetfulness and lack of mental acuity and focus. There is deep sense of inadequacy and lack confidence in what she does ever since her childhood. She has two sisters, one is older and the other younger. As a little girl, she was dominated by the older sister, followed her around in fear of being left behind, and was often at the receiving end of her jealous outbursts. Marilynn is an artist (mainly portrait drawing) for over 30 years. She is lively, friendly, and intuitive with lots of ideas run around her head.
Marilynn says that her number one concern is about her relationship with her husband. He gets annoyed with her quite often as if she could not do anything that pleases him. She shows certain timidity around him, unable to really speak up for herself - a great deal of suppressed emotions. They have no children – she had an abortion in her twenties, then, followed by 8 miscarriages over a ten to fifteen year period. Although Marilynn says that she is glad that she has no children to worry about deep down she desires to be a nurturer. Her desire seems to manifest itself in the way she cared for her grandmother for over 20 years until she passed away in the mid 1990’s and now she looks after her parents (they live next door) and this has been for a number of years. There is almost a symbiotic relationship existing between herself and her mother.

Remedy: Strontium-muriaticum 200C, one dose. There is immediate feeling of relaxation and a sense of well being after taking the remedy (I have always given the remedy on the spot so that I know if the remedy has any effects or not).
strontium carbonate

Analysis: Marilynn is an artist by profession and by nature. She has always been very fond of many forms of art and has an aesthetic appreciation for things beautiful. In her younger days, she also taught Belly dance and enjoyed it very much. Singing is also a form of artistic expression that she loves.
Her love for the creative arts points to the Silver series in the Periodic Table, together with her lack of confidence, marked passivity, and being conscious of how she looks to others indicate the second stage in the Periodic Table, which is Strontium. Her strong desire to be a nurturer coupled with numerous miscarriages (the desire to have children and be a mother must have been present for her to have gone through the repeated loss) and her life being consumed by taking care of her grandmother for over 20 years, and now caring for her mother give indication to muriaticum as a combination remedy. Her concern about their marriage is the by-product of her own timidity and desire to please, therefore does not constitute the main theme in this case.

First Follow-up visit (23/1/2005):
2 weeks after the initial consultation. Marilynn has been feeling really good. The strong foetid urine smell is gone, hasn’t needed to use the hormonal cream (advised her not to use it). She is feeling well without the distressing hot flushes.
Remedy Prescription: Strontium-muriaticum 200C, 3 doses (2 to take home). Take the remedy with appropriate intervals when needed.

Second follow-up (9/2/2005):
Stopped using hormonal cream. Hot flushes were much better though still get the occasional ones. Marilynn says that she has gained more confidence about herself and her ability as an artist – “shockingly confident.” Generally, she is feeling much better after the remedy.
Remedy Prescription: Strontium-muriaticum, 1M.

Before the third follow-up, Marilynn was given Morgan-pure 15C, 3 doses (1 a day for 3 days) because she was still getting hot flushes occasionally though everything else seem so much better. Bowel nosodes are used as intercurrents.

Third follow-up (27/4/2005):
“Able to assert myself more with husband, I am a lot more confident. I have more energy than ever which helped me to cope better. I am able to fall back to sleep even after waking up at 4:00 in the morning. Vagina is not dry anymore.”
Remedy Prescription: Strontium-muriaticum 10M, 3 doses (taking when needed in appropriate intervals). Again, I gave Marilynn 3 doses of Morgan-pure 15C in July for sinus congestion and some hot flushes.

Fourth Follow-up (28/8/2005):
Hot flushes got worse, sinuses got worse with the strong wind and pollen – hay-fever, feeling very stressed, though vagina is not as dry as before and sleeps much better. Fat makes everything worse. However, although her physical symptoms seem gotten worse over the past four months, she has much more confidence in herself and is able to assert herself more.
Remedy Prescription: Strontium-muriaticum 10M 2 doses. Again Morgan-pure was given for hot flushes.

Fifth Follow-up (28/12/2005):
Still getting headaches from the neck problem (whip lash). Quite happy at the moment. Has been taking herbal tablets for menopausal symptoms (Zen Herbs) everyday twice a day for a while. There seemed to have developed some kind of problem with kidney functions (burning urethra) and sore kidneys. Used some kind of cream for this. Advised Marilynn not to take the Zen Herb anymore.
Marilynn has been taking all kinds of supplements, herbs, vitamins, etc. for many years for reason she says that they are “natural” and using them because these supposedly are good for this or that. The logic of her thinking is that when everything is “natural” it is good for you and will not cause problems. Her whole system is loaded with supplements. I advised her to give everything up to allow her body to do some work and to find its own balance. Although the supplements, be it herbal or mineral, would not interfere with the workings of homeopathic remedies they can over load the body system and cause harm especially when it no longer has the capacity to absorb anything nutritious. Over loading the body with unnecessary supplements can do harm over time as these can throw the body off balance.
Remedy Prescription: Strontium-muriaticum 50M, 1 dose. There is immediate amelioration. Kidney pain disappeared, feeling sleepy and more relaxed.

Sixth Follow-up (17/2/2006):
Neck and backache above the kidney. Left shoulder blade (had an operation many years ago) pain is coming down the arm, which makes difficult to go to sleep (sleeplessness between 2-4 in the morning). Feeling pain above the eye, painful urination scalding and hot, and she also noticed that she is losing strength. There is also pain in the adrenal region, especially when upset. Her palms’ skin color has a bronzed hue to it. She is feeling very thirsty, tired and puffed out when walking up even a slight inclination. Obviously, the last remedy Strontium-muriaticum did not really touch the underlying problem. Need to look for another remedy.
Remedy Prescription: Adrenalin 200C, 1 dose. Kidney pain is gone straight away, neck feels looser not as tight and painful as before, right eye pain is gone.

Analysis: My reasoning for giving Marilynn Adrenalin is based on her bronzed skin being a prominent symptom in Adrenalin. Also, Marilynn seems nervous and high strung most of the time, which she says that it is resulting from constant fright in childhood. Her prolonged exposure to prolonged fight or flight response itself can deplete the proper functioning of her adrenal glands. However, her other symptoms also support giving the Adrenalin - disinclination for mental work, cannot concentrate thoughts (scattered and forgetful), tiredness, debility, palpitations, hot and scalding urination, etc. These symptoms – bronzing of skin, loss of strength, wasting, exceedingly rapid pulse – are leading features may be taken as guides for Adrenalin’s use (Murphy’s Homeopathic Remedy Guide, p.32).

There was immediate amelioration after taking the remedy – neck feels looser, right eye pain and the kidney area’s pain are gone.
Marilynn was also given the Bowel Nosode Dys. Co. 12C, 3 doses once a day in March. She was given one more dose of Adrenalin 200C in May.

Seventh Follow-up (9/4/2007):
Marilynn is under great emotional and physical stress over the past few months because of having to look after her aging parents and organize to place her father into care (he is 94 and mother is 93). Although both of her sisters also take responsibility in caring for her parents, the majority responsibility falls onto her and her husband’s shoulder.
Strontium-muriaticum 10M 2 doses were given (1 dose to take home).

14/9/2007 Telephone reports:
Much to Marilynn’s delight that she is putting on weight, which is the first time ever. Her eyes are no longer hurting like they used to, no sign of hypoglycemia, not allergic to dairy products anymore, hay-fever is much better only occasional sneezing when there is strong wind and when pollen is heavy, no urination problems, no longer goes to chiropractor for her neck pain (she can manage it much better herself), vagina is not as dry as it used to and can enjoy sexual intercourse, she is more able to focus without feeling foggy in the brain anymore, and no hot flushes. Generally, she is feeling really well, and most of all she is happy and confident about herself. End of the case.
Perhaps, Marilynn may still need occasional visits but she has come a long way since the day she walked into my practice. What is also important is for her to resist her desire to self-medicate with commercial herbs, vitamins, fashionable fads, etc. and learn to listen and be in tune to her body more. Over load our body with supplements can create more problems for the body to deal with than not having these.

It was in March 2007 that Marilynn found out that her father was exposed to Strontium-90 during the WWII while working on airplanes. This information came to light only through his applying for Veterans Affair’s Disability Pension. Marilynn and her sisters were born after the war. Strontium-90 is a radioactive isotope of Strontium, and important element in nuclear fall-out.

Ai-Ling Makewell
email: essentialbeing@ozforces.com

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