2006 April
Argentum nitricum, Addiction Case 6
Keywords: alcoholic, Argentum nitricum, restless,
Cannabis, Addiction Case 5
Keywords: cannabis, bulimia, chocolate, Magnesium sulphuricum,
Baryta sulphuricum, Addiction Case 4, alcoholic
Keywords: syndrome of Treacher-Collins, alcoholic, Baryta sulphurica, feeling laughed at
Kali Chloricum and the Mad Hatter
Keywords: Kali Chloricum, ulcerative colitis
Thulium fluoratum case
Thulium fluoratum case, by Sara Hemesley
Keywords: thulium fluoratum, outsider, Carcinosin, right to exist as a child
Buteo jamaicensis case
Buteo jamaicensis case, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: Buteo jamaicensis, water-wart
Ytterbium oxydatum case
Ytterbium oxydatum case, by Pavol Tibensky
Keywords: Ytterbium oxydatum
Erbium oxydatum case
Erbium oxydatum case, by Pavol Tibensky
Keywords: Erbium oxydatum, chronic fatigue
Berlin wall, cases
Berlin wall, cases, by Kees Dam
Keywords: Berlin wall, setting borders, impenetrable, lack of structure, borderless
Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall, by Kees Dam
Keywords: Berlin wall, Forsaken, separation, mask, oppression, terror, lack of structure, traumatic incident, impenetrable, borderless, set clear borders,
Editorial April 2006
Editorial April 2006, by Jan Scholten
Keywords: imponderables, paradigm of materialism, continuum