2006 April

Baryta sulphuricum, Addiction Case 4, alcoholic

by Frans Kusse
Man, born in 1960.
Diagnosis: alcoholic; peripheral neuropathy because of alcohol abuse; syndrome of Treacher-Collins (an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by certain facial features including downward slanting, palpebral fissures, sunken cheekbones, receding chin and malformed ears); loss of power in arms and legs.

When he entered my room I was really shocked by his appearance.
He was raised in a very protective environment. In his neighborhood everybody knew about his handicap. He was never teased because of his appearance, but in secondary school he got the feeling that he was laughed at. The breaking point was the birth of his son with the same syndrome he had in a mild form. “I feel powerless to help him.” He locked up his feeling and began to drink alcohol. His problems got worse when his wife decided to divorce him. He went to live on his own and missed his family a lot. Every year he had a deep depression after the holidays when his children returned to their mother. This had always been a reason to drink too much.

Baryta sulphurica 200K, one granule if necessary.

Follow up
He dreamt a lot about the past, especially about the divorce and the feeling to be neglected. After those dreams he felt much better.

Follow up after six months
“I feel perfect and I can handle everything again. I feel much stronger, more open than I ever was before. Everything goes easy. I feel more relaxed and are more active. I feel stronger toward the children, they call me everyday. “

Also in this case the analysis according to Jan Scholten lead to the right remedy.
Barium: feeling powerless; delusion to be laughed at.
Sulphur: themes of love and appearance.

The theme: feeling laughed at because of his appearance would lead to Baryta sulphurica. But the feeling of powerlessness toward (the appearance of) his son and the powerlessness to his wife belong to the same themes. The reaction to the remedy was perfect. Dreaming about the past pains and a clear improvement after that. He went through his pains to solve them.

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Keywords: syndrome of Treacher-Collins, alcoholic, Baryta sulphurica, feeling laughed at


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