2006 April

Argentum nitricum, Addiction Case 6

by Frans Kusse
Man, born in 1948
Diagnosis: alcoholic, CARA; tensed neck and shoulders.
In 1995 he had a heart attack.

He was very restless, already as a child. Hasty. “I do everything in a hurry. When I have an appointment I want to be in time.” He has anxiety of anticipation. In the family there are more alcoholics.
His father was a heart patient and was very restless too. Because of the illness of his father he had to work in the company of his father to sustain the family. He himself wanted to become an artist, a painter. The kind of work, constructing houses, was not the kind of work he liked. He was a sensitive and social man and not hard enough for this job. He began to drink before business meetings and in the course of years it became a habit he could not stop. After the heart attack in 1995 he sold the company, moved to another town and started to paint. The restlessness, worries and anxieties stayed and he only found rest in drinking alcohol.

Argentum nitricum LM6, one granule daily

Follow up:
He felt more relaxed and worried less about things. He could see the sunny side of life again. He was still hasty, but could accept things more as they are. The relationship with his wife was much better and he spent more time painting.

The hurry and anticipation is characteristic for Argentum nitricum, but with the knowledge of the Periodic Table Argentum fits to the artist. The hurry and tension belongs more to Nitrogenium. Argentum nitricum could be translated as the feeling that there is not enough room for the artistic side. After Argentum nitricum he could enjoy (Nitrogenium) more in painting (Argentum).

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Reply #1 on : Fri June 09, 2006, 01:06:49
You might mention what happened with the alcoholism. And it would be nice to know how long after starting the remedies the follow ups were (for all your cases). Also how long the pt has seen improvement on the remedy. Relapses do happen!