2006 April

Erbium oxydatum case

by Pavol Tibensky
woman, born 1956. She looks like a "constitutional“ Sepia.
CC: chronic fatigue syndrome, celiac disease, brain tumor.

She is stressed after divorcing. She is in my office with her spouse, an older man, born in 1942. He said he is here because she could forget something. Once from this time she was with her daughter, but mostly with him.
She must work and she has artistic talent. She has a small company in which it is possible to obtain graphic works like visit cards, charts etc. She must work to earn money because she lives with her two children, a son and daughter. Her daughter was born in 1981.
She had mononucleosis and was worse after divorcing. She works very hard and very often sleeps only 3 or 4 hours. Exhausted, she is not able to stand from the bed in the morning. She is not able to concentrate. She is sleepless and forgetful. She had many watery stools with mucus, 10 times daily was not rare. She dreams about her former marriage very often. She was pregnant when she was to study in high school and she thought about an abortion, but she has beautiful son and she likes him.

In her childhood she was unwanted according to her mother. Her mother said it to her very often. She was born second after her brother. Once she wanted to go to the new school with her mother, but she said to her, "I have no time“. After that she went to the school with her brother. She was younger than her brother, but she must do everything her mother or father wanted before talking about it, cleaning rooms, dishes, she must do difficult activities in the house. Her mother said she must not be spoiled. She felt she was not appreciated. Her mother threatened her that she will leave the family and she must stay with her father only. She loves her father, but she likes to be with her mother too. When she was in puberty she said to herself, "I must do things directly not like in my childhood when I had to deduce what my mother wants.“

Her spouse said, "She wants to be wanted. She is very good, not regularly good, but very easygoing. She does not like disharmony, she wants to have order on all levels, in partnership, in family, with her children, her colleague, her partners in business, and in relationship". She likes solving problems immediately, not to be in disharmony. She likes cleanliness and purity. She does not like consolation, she copes better with direct talk about what was wrong than consolation, where there is not the truth. She does not like the spiral turning in solving problems, she goes to it directly. When she is irritated she tells about it in her surroundings, "You were warned, do not prick me.“ She used the word pricking a few times.

In pregnancy she did exercises. She and her spouse used yoga exercises, meditation, and a reiki method. In pregnancy she felt very well. Both are vegetarians.
Once she traveled alone to Egypt. She is very chilly and she said to her friend that she was there to absorb the heat from Egypt. "Cold fastens me.“
She has fear of the unknown, not from news, and fear when she is not able to control something. She weeps sometimes from helplessness. She pushes the weeping out a little, but without relief.
Her colleague said to her, "It is not normal that you are alone, a nice, beautiful woman.“ She is not alone, she has a friend, but they live separately and she hides this relationship.
According to her friend she had some improvement after meditation, reiki, spiritual exercise, but the best relaxation for her is dancing and sex. She is able to dance for 2 hours, wild, latin or modern dances. Sometimes she needs a small break between dances.

In 2002 she had an attack of losing her vision, she did not see her right hand, it lasted only 10 minutes. A neurologist "threats“ hospitalization because of a suspicion of multiple sclerosis.
Her friend says, "She covers.“ Many doctors have said to her, "You are so cheerful, smiling all the time, you do not give the impression of being sick.“
She had troubles with her father, "He thinks I am a small girl. He would like to organize my life, but I definitively finished his activities in that and I said to him: I will not see you again.“

In December 2004 a worsening of vision. Not MS, but on the MR scans the diagnosis was meningeoma regionis occipitalis, with possible central blindness. She must go to the neurosurgery department and be hospitalized.
The operation was "succesfull“. The meningeoma was not removed completely. Ater 6 hours of a stiff position of her right hand she had paresis nervi radialis. She was not able to move her right hand, not able to sign etc.

During her last hospitalization she was hungry because in hospital they were not able to understand that she was a vegetarian. When they finally understood, she received only carrots. She ate vegetables only for all meals.
She is addicted to cheese. She does not have a wide choice because of diarrhea after most of food. Beans of all types she tolerated and she used oriental spices for a better taste of monotonous food. She feels she must eat some solid food not vegetables only. After a high level of uric acid she is very restricted with her vegetarian food. (She is vegetarian for spiritual reasons).

She speaks very slowly, searching for words, smiling almost all the time.
Her dreams are not good and only about relationships.
They visited many experts for chronic fatigue syndrome, but no effect.

Some rubics:
M: delusion, Appreciated, not she,is
M: delusion, neglected, abandoned
M: dancing
M. fear, poverty, future
M: sensitive, noise
Head: brain, tumors
Vision: blurred, left eye
Vision: hemiopia vertical, right
G: chronic fatigue syndrome
G: traveling ,desire, for.
G: dancing, amel

I gave her many remedies, with minimal effect: Sepia, two week better, then worse. Magn-mur, Phos. Acid., Carcinosinum, Stannum, Tarantula, Lachesis, Mur. Acid, Agaricus, Terbium oxydatum (4 days better), and Gadolinium oxydatum. The best effect was after Origanum, a little improvement in sleeping, mood, and power. After 3 years she has less diarrhea, less weakness, and one benign tumor more.

June 2005: Erbium oxydatum C 200.
She felt more energy, paresis was gone (she used yoga exercises too). I gave 3 doses of remedy for the next three months. She felt better, she had no diarrhea and no fatigue until February 2006, then she visited me. Repeating of Erbium oxydatum C 200.

A lady with auto-immune disease needs long time therapy. After Erbium oxydatum she felt relief from her main troubles. She looks like Sepia, very strange and confusing was the improvement by dancing. Who is able to dance wildly for 2 hours with chronic fatigue syndrome? Belly danceing is according to homeopathic experience's in Origanum and we could see sensations of Labiateae in her, but most striking in her childhood. Sensation of the remedy could be, "I am formally a neglected child or I am discarded as a child". She covers all her sensations and troubles. She is smiling, but it is only mask. She feels drained, empty, discharged etc. This is the sensation and attitude of stage 14. Her problems with stool are covered by Oxygen.

Author: Pavol Tibensky, Slovak republic
E-mail: tibus@stonline.sk

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Keywords: Erbium oxydatum, chronic fatigue


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Reply #2 on : Fri August 11, 2006, 07:56:43
This lady visited me almost every month during three years. After third dose of Erbium oxydatum I did not see her half year. She moved to the new house. She renovated this house, had many troubles with its reconstruction. Her father had health troubles, her son was divorced during this time. She felt very good, she continued with her job in her company. This is extreme exertion for her, but she felt very good. She has control in neurosurgery department, there was no pathology in magnetic resonance scans.
MU Dr. Pavol Tibensky

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Reply #1 on : Sun May 07, 2006, 15:29:59
Dear Doctor,

What shows the efficacy and correctness of our treatment is the follow-up. So please do elaborate on the follow-up and the condition of your patient after the remedy. It is very important to check the pateint for a long time after treatment to check whether we are curing or suppressing them. This is very important. Otherwise how can we judge our job? How can we understand the way we are practicing is proper or not? One of the things which is extremely good with Dr Vijayakar's method is that they put much emphasis on the follow-up in their seminars and case reports and in this way we can truly check our job.

Thank you
Feras Hakkak