2006 April

Buteo jamaicensis case

by Anne Wirtz
Boy 8 years, born in July 1995.

He came with his mother in January 2003 to me. His complaints: bellyache, headache, many ‘water’-warts and an eczema spot on his thigh.
He had a heart-deformity at birth, one ventricle, and has had three heart-operations to correct the problem. At the age of 3 months he had his first operation. At 5 months he got an infection with the RS virus (respiratory syndrome) and was hospitalized during 1 and 1/2 months at the Intensive Care unit. At 2 years and 3 months he underwent his second operation, the 3rd one at 4 and 1/2 years. He takes blood-diluents.
(Nov.’96 his father died of Cancer in 3 months time, from then on his mother took care of him on her own.)

Observation: he is a normally built little guy, with blond straight hair and some pale swellings under his light blue eyes. He is very attentive and communicative. He clearly expresses what he likes and what he does not and has an extensive witty vocabulary.

He likes playing games, ballgames, chess, playing with trains, jeu de boule etc. He is tired at the end of the day, but then takes back his energy.
He collects coins and caps.
He has nightmares about ghosts, crocodiles, witches, has a fear of creepy masks, axes and devils.
He likes to playback with a band and likes to play drums. He has a big imagination. Later he wants to do construction things.
He likes to play the clown and the magician.
He has a headache since autumn from the anticipation for Santa Claus, his mother says.

“I sometimes do not look forward to going to school. It can be too much, too chaotic, too many people, too many friends. Then I want to be quietly on my own and play. One friend only wants to do things if he can win, I do not like this or if they push me aside."
" I am only angry with mama." Then he retires in his room, he can cry if mama is too intense, if he gets bullied or if someone cheats with a game. Likes doing sports, play football, tennis and to swim.
Honesty and justice are very important to him. He can be very persistent and keep his grudges. After a row he does not forget easily. He is embarrassed while his mother tells this and he wants to stop her by clawing his hand in her leg.

Food; likes potatoes, chips, pine-pits, beans, butter, salads, grapes and cherries, not many sweets,
Dislikes apples, pears, bananas, cheese and meat-products, although he likes gnawing at a chickenbone.
He has gotten all the vaccinations.
He likes animals, “they are beautiful”. He knows a great deal about them, he loves “the brightness of the snakeskin” and especially the birds of prey: owls, hawks, buzzards, etc. He does not like big dogs. He would like to have a pet, a cat or birds, but his mother gets allergic symptoms from them.
He is a bit anxious to fall. Physically he is cautious because his loco-motor system was always rather stiff. He has been given extra lessons in gymnastics. He has no fear of heights.

He used to feel frustrated when other people decided about him, like the hospital-doctors, he wanted to get away. He could retire and sulk. He never asked for help easily, he wanted to do it and find out for himself.

The attentiveness, wittiness, and his interest in the animal-world in his perspective made me think of a bird. His independence and frustration to be decided over and especially the bright expression with which he exclaimed the wish to choose the hawk as his favorite, made me think of the hawk, Buteo. I looked for information in Reference Works and I decided on BUTEO JAMAICENSIS 200K

Later I realized that the extensive manifestation of water-warts looked very much like the skin of a bird right after being plucked.

Follow up
Till the next appointment, I got some telephone calls to keep me informed.

He rides the bicycle, which he did not dare before.
His water-warts were diminishing, his skin still dry.
He is growing taller and more impudent; ma needs to be stricter, she says.
He has less bellyaches or headaches.
At school he is doing very well.
At night he can have ‘growing-pains’ in the shinbones.

Follow-up 2months later
No more complaints at the moment. He likes to show off a bit. He bikes all the way to school. Very few water-warts left on his chest.
He likes to stay at school at lunchtime and not bothered by the ‘too much’ and too busy anymore. His movements are supple and he ‘feels fine in his skin’.
He likes to fool his mother and make jokes.


Repeat the remedy if necessary.
More than 1 and 1/2 years I did not see him, I got some information from time to time that ‘he was going strong.’

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Jen Chadney
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complementary and inimical remedies
Reply #1 on : Sat August 31, 2013, 03:37:55
Thank you for the article. I would like further information about complementary remedies. So far, sulphur seems to be a good choice. Pulsatilla and Apis seem to be inimical to Buteo.