2012 March
Editorial: Imponderables, a force to be reckoned with
Keywords: Imponderables, X-ray, Magnet, Light of Saturn, TV Emanation, Ultrasound
The study of X-ray
The study of X-ray, by Louis Klein
Keywords: imponderable, staring, old dormant conditions, control, behind the scenes, seeing through, misanthropy, irritability
Déjà vu and depression: a case of Ultrasound
Keywords: depression, déjà vu, headaches, foot pain, back pain
Great Lakes proving of TV emanation
Keywords: Homeopathy, proving, Asperger’s, affected by a force, altered perception, Great Lakes Provings
I want to be a breatharian: a case of TV emanation
Keywords: exhaustion, infections, swollen glands, procrastination, TV, alcoholism, breatharian, meditation, God
Lacking of inner compass: a case of Magnetis polus arcticus as a second prescription
Keywords: depression, anxiety, control, perfection, sexaholic, inner compass
Forcing physicality: a case of Light of Saturn
Forcing physicality: a case of Light of Saturn, by Lindy S. Grigel, Patricia Maher
Keywords: irritable bowel syndrome, dyshydrotic eczema, musculoskeletal complaints, allergies