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Forcing physicality: a case of Light of Saturn

by Lindy S. Grigel, Patricia Maher

SB is a 54-year-old man who initially presented for a homeopathic consultation eight years ago. At the time, he had been divorced for ten months; the marriage had lasted for fifteen years. SB had a stepson and daughter. There was parenting conflicts where SB felt criticized and undermined in front of the children.

SB’s presenting symptoms were IBS (diarrhea, ineffectual stools), allergies, dyshydrotic eczema (face and ears), and lumbar somatic dysfunction. There were also relationship and work stresses that manifested in low self-esteem.

SB described himself as an introspective person who had learned to “stuff emotions” since early childhood. There was minimal nurturing within the family framework. He felt criticized and unsupported by both of his parents. His father had a difficult time showing his love and wanted things under his own terms. The relationship with his mother was difficult; her philosophy was to suffer through whatever life brings.

When SB was in high school his parents divorced; this was a traumatic event for him and led to a dark period with feelings of depression and withdrawal. Within months of their divorce, he looked for guidance in teachers and a minister. These relationships became complicated and problematic.

 SB ventured to college and graduated with a degree as an architect. Upon completion, he never obtained his architect license; he failed the exam.

Dream #1: A sock was torn around my ankle; there were shreds of socks around my ankle all day.

Dream #2: Swinging on a high swing and all of a sudden the swing is not underneath me. I never fall, I am floating: I am going to come down but don’t know how.

SB had many interests including martial arts, yoga, drawing, and journaling.  He enjoyed bicycling and was passionate about riding his motorcycle

First Prescription: Strontium carbonicum

In reviewing the literature, specifically of J. Scholten and R. Sankaran, the remedy covered the full spectrum of mental/emotional and physical symptoms. During adolescence, following his parent’s divorce, there was a lack of guidance to chart future relationships and career goals. The concept of feeling criticized as well as ineffectual stools, and musculoskeletal pathology supported the Strontium Carb prescription.


SB described a feeling as if all the connections shifted in his brain; he felt “magnificent”. He was painting and had a strategy to work on his architect license. He had normal bowel movements; the dyshydrotic eczema had resolved, and there was no recurrence of allergic rhinitis. He was physically active in sports and had complaints of right knee pain and lumbar sacral discomfort.

Prescription: Strontium carbonicum 200C.

For several years, SB took Strontium Carbonicum on an intermittent basis. He maintained general good health with minimal recurrence of IBS, allergies, and dyshydrotic eczema. There was minimal recurrence of musculoskeletal complaints.

Light of Saturn

Eighteen months ago, SB expressed concerns of recurrent IBS, dyshydrotic eczema, musculoskeletal complaints and mild depressive feelings in reference to both personal relationships and his work environment.

He had been speed skating for several months; he had an exacerbation of right knee pain (initially presented during the bicycling season) and lumbar sacral somatic dysfunction. SB was concerned about a medial meniscal tear of the right knee.

SB is compelled to engage in physical activity -- biking, speed skating etc. He is forced to be physical, forced to move his body in extreme ways. This suggests the Titan aspect of the Light of Saturn, being "super" strong or active. The issue with Light of Saturn is forcing physicality -- which can manifest as either being stuck or as movement. It is a polarity of earthy materiality. In the trituration of the Light of Saturn, there was enormous enjoyment of physicality -- through the sensuality of food, sex and movement. During the consult, there was a sense of circular, endless movement in his life reminiscent of his speed skating; patterns were repeating as if there was a gravitational pull keeping him on an unfulfilled trajectory. 

The history of allergies, and musculoskeletal injuries related to speed skating correlated with the proving symptoms of Light of Saturn. The remedy was prescribed in 30C potency.

Follow-up: SB’s stools were normal, dyshydrotic eczema was mostly resolved, right knee and back pain had markedly diminished. Of importance, he was interviewing for positions at various architect firms and was invested in a new relationship. 


Prescription: Light of Saturn 200C.

Ten months ago, SB fell while speed skating and sustained a severe left ankle laceration. He needed stitches; within several days he developed cellulitis of the lower extremity. The infection was resistant to oral antibiotics and he was hospitalized for IV antibiotics. After discharge, SB had residual pain, erythema and swelling of the right ankle; the wound was cultured for MRSA. He was prescribed a second dose of oral antibiotics.

During the hospitalization and recovery SB had recurrence of IBS, and mild depression. He described poor sleep hygiene with early morning waking from ‘mind chatter’ and childhood memories. Light of Saturn 12C daily was prescribed while finishing the second course of antibiotics, 200C after the antibiotics were finished.


SB is invested in a fulfilling relationship; there are no recurrent feelings of stifled emotions, criticism, rejection, or fear of failure. He feels secure in his work environment and communicates well with his manager. He plans to complete his architect license. He has no musculoskeletal pain and is competing in short track speed skating this winter.

The trituration proving can be read at www.greatlakesprovings.com and the remedy is available at www.helios.co.uk

Lindy S. Grigel, MHP, PA-C practices at Fal River Health Center in Falmouth, Maine

Patricia Maher lives and practices homeopathy and astrology in Akron Ohio

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Saturn false colors Voyager; NASA




Keywords: irritable bowel syndrome, dyshydrotic eczema, musculoskeletal complaints, allergies
Remedies: Light of Saturn, Strontium carbonicum


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