2012 March

Editorial: Imponderables, a force to be reckoned with

by Sally Williams

Welcome to the March issue of Interhomeopathy! It is my great pleasure to once again serve as your guest editor. The focus this month is an intriguing group of remedies that for some are difficult to grasp, and for others, are outside the realm of their experience. Yet, while complex, this remedy group uniquely and effectively addresses many of the stresses and issues our patients face today.

While this remedy group may seem new on the scene, the first “Imponderable” was proven by Hahnemann in 1833. In an era rich with scientific experimentation and questioning, it is completely understandable that Hahnemann would be eager to prove natural phenomena, and his choice was magnetism.

The defining characteristic of these remedies is a powerful, immutable force that exerts unseen, unknown, and intangible energy that can profoundly influence our well-being. Louis Klein notes that imponderables share this attribute of unseen force with remedies made from viruses and bacteria. But while the force in viruses and bacteria is infectious and insidious; the force of an imponderable is irresistible and overwhelming.

From Hahnemann’s day through the end of the nineteenth century, remedies of these imponderable energy sources were few, including not only magnet, but X-ray and sunlight. Leap forward well over 100 years to the present day, brimming with a proliferation of technological devices. Cell phones, computers, microwaves, televisions, GPS devices, MRI’s, ultrasounds, high voltage electric transmission cables, and computer managed vehicles. The list is almost unending. Now imagine for a moment that you are actually able to see these countless surrounding layers of directed, invisible energy these devices collect and radiate. Add to that the undirected energy emanating from the increased effects of solar flares and sunspots due to our thinning ozone as well as the light from the moon and distant planets, and you will grasp that we are all entangled in a dense web of “imponderable energy”. This web carries forces that can impact many of our patients, and remedies made from imponderables add effective options to our materia medica.

The articles that follow present the unique qualities of force for five different imponderables. Louis Klein presents an in depth article on the history and indications for the remedy X-ray, demonstrating the force of seeing through. Matilde Flores offers a brilliant case study of the remedy Magnetis Polus Arcticus and the force of attraction and repulsion. Nancy Frederick introduces a case of the little known remedy Ultrasound, in which the force appears to be altered perception. Lindy Grigel and Patricia Maher give us an article on the remedy Light of Saturn, substantiating Patricia’s trituration proving published in the October 2009 edition of Interhomeopathy. The force represented in the Light of Saturn is Titan- like, forcing physical strength and endurance. Lastly, Carol Jones presents us with the proving of TV Emanation and along with my corroborating case, the mesmerizing and drug-like force of this remedy is revealed.

I am certain you will find this edition of Interhomeopathy inspiring, informative and game changing!!



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Dr. Andy Somody, ND
Posts: 10
Ultraviolet, Great Rift, CMB Cold Spot, Enceladus, Europa, Polaris, Tempesta, Luna & Other Impondera
Reply #4 on : Fri November 14, 2014, 09:56:22

I've had some interesting cases with multi-year follow-up of several imponderables, including:

- Ultraviolet

- Great Rift

- CMB Cold Spot

- Enceladus

- Europa

- Polaris (2 cases)

- Tempesta

- Luna

If anyone would be interested in a submission or two, let me know!

Several years ago, my homeopath at the time - while generally a pretty conventional guy who prescribed mainly on tangible themes & rubrics rather than via energetic means - had a dream that I needed Polaris, and it was a revelation for me.

Prior to that point, the only effective remedies for me had been lanthanides & actinides.

I've since had some limited success with another actinide, some transactinides, and even a member of the Rosaceae.

However, my best remedy reactions by far to date have always been from the boundless imponderabilia, and I am a multi-year case of one myself at this point!

In fact, considering the frequency I'm emitting, I'm surprised that I haven't attracted even more patients needing imponderables!

That said, a disproportionate percentage of the patients with whom I most resonate and for whom my treatment is most beneficial tend to be from this kingdom, as well as allied regions in other kingdoms, such as:

- Aves, esp.
- Neoaves, particularly,
- Raptors,
- Caprimulgiformes,
- Apodiformes,
- Cuculiformes,
- Procellariiformes, &
- Passeriformes

- Lepidoptera

- Lanthanides, Actinides, & Transactinides (as above)

- Plants (generally from nebulous or poorly-defined taxonomic groups)

- Strange Incertae Sedis things like Gluteus minimus (the fossil, that is ... although giving someone the buttocks muscle as a remedy would be no less strange, particularly from an informed consent point of view ... ;) )

Anyway, there doesn't seem to have been much published on the imponderables around these parts for the past few years, so if you're interested in reviving that subject and need a few more cases to bolster the issue, let me know!

Dr. Andy Somody, B.Eng, C.B.H.T., C.C.H., N.D.
Naturopathic Doctor
Certified Bowen Therapist
Certified Classical Homeopath
Sally Williams
Posts: 10
Computer Emanation
Reply #3 on : Thu October 03, 2013, 14:52:18
Yes Claudia! There is now a proving of computer emanation! Go to www.greatlakesprovings.com to read the proving in its entirety.
Posts: 10
computer emanation?
Reply #2 on : Tue July 09, 2013, 21:38:08
I´ve asked this somewhere else, but here I go again. This there a remedy for Computer addicts and gamers? Someone addicted to computer games?

Posts: 10
Reply #1 on : Sun March 04, 2012, 11:09:02
it occurred to me while reading this issue, that perhaps a significantly imponderable force is exerted by various sectors or companies within the economy . . . the reason I thought of this, was because I read the proving of car exhaust fumes, and have recently been treating addicts, and thought it could be useful. Then I remembered that the crude oil industry and a portion of the illicit drug supply industry, are both in a specific economic category, isolated in the economist's mathematics, by both being commodities which people consume just as much of, even when the prices go up, and so I wondered if this is the link of strongest similarity, although quite a lot of older people over-exposed to opium, also need a homeopathic dose of petroleum.

The whole thought process as it passed through my mind, got me wondering about the imponder-ability of any given economic category, and so I wondered whether money carries different disease patterns, depending upon what parts of the economy it had most often circulated within.