2012 March

I want to be a breatharian: a case of TV emanation

by Sally Williams

DC, a 42 years old woman comes for exhaustion and frequent infections.


DC: “I have been sick a lot. It is these glands. I feel like they are knife-like pains in my glands. I had lumps that came and went under my arms. I had strep throat in November and I just was not recovering. I am just exhausted. But then I did it to myself. I am always staying up late. I will go to bed at 2 or 4 and then I am up at 8.

“I really want to change my diet for raw vegan food. I have been eating green smoothies and stuff. I feel like I would feel better. I feel like my adrenals are really bad. I keep buying cook books and never do anything with them.

“In fact I am not doing anything at all. I am really enjoying TV way too much. My memory isn’t good. It is just procrastination. I am with my son and then I am mentally wiped out and I turn on the TV. My husband gets hooked too. It is the way we spend time together. I did not have a TV for a long time because I know I am like this.

“When I am exhausted I am very tired and just dragging. By the end of this past summer I was exhausted with being a mother and then I would stay up watching TV to get some ‘me time’, but then I would get hooked watching one show after another. I would be exhausted the next day and then I would sleep and let my son watch either videos on the iPhone or TV. He was watching an hour or two of TV a day.

“As a kid I didn’t even like TV and I was just staring. People would walk by me and I didn’t even notice. I did not acknowledge anything. I would be terrified when my parents would go out at night and leave me. I would sit and stare at the TV to distract myself.

“I never had a bed time and so I would stay up watching late night TV. I would watch it with my dad. He was an alcoholic and I was holding his hand and watching TV with him and he would be drinking.

“I took care of my mom when she was sick and I would sit with her and watch TV. I remember sitting in the dark and watching the glow. I don’t even remember what I would watch, just the glow of the TV I guess. I didn’t really like the TV; I just don’t think I had a choice.

“I want to be a Breatharian. If you believe that your body is energy then you can live on energy.” (A breatharian is a person who is nourished by light and has no need for food or drink.)

Prescription: TV Emanation 200C

I saw DC over the course of the next year, but it was always for her son. I could see she was getting better. She was much more productive and no complaints of illness.  Finally, I was able to have a follow-up with her.



“I did not want to come in for a follow-up because I thought you might want to change my remedy and I didn’t want you to. I love this remedy!! I feel really, really healthy. Everything is manageable. I took control of everything. I was working on the house. I remodeled the kitchen… which I had wanted to do forever. I got rooms painted. I will move through my day and get things done. I was doing a raw diet and I was sleeping deeply and meditating a lot more. I have lost 30 pounds. 

“I am feeling very strong and I have not been sick. I am feeling really healthy and not even worried about getting sick.

“In the beginning I would get drawn into watching TV to a degree, but I would become aware of the time and I would realize it was getting late and I would go to bed. Simple as that, I had control…… not the TV!

“But now I have given up TV. It is out of my life in a clear way. It was like a drug for me, sitting in front of it for hours and hours, so to not have that in my life is good. I used to feel this numbness and I would say 'I want to watch just one show' and it would turn into hours. So to have that out of my life is a relief.

“My meditation is better and I have resolved a deeper issue. I was attacked by a person I was living with and loved and I saw hell and I felt like God had turned me away. I was 18 and that was hanging over me for a long time, the feeling that I could not trust God. The resolution was that God did intervene, but not in the way I had expected. There was help, but I had not taken it. I have finally seen that God was there for me.

“I feel like I am much less judgmental toward myself and towards others as well. I have much less conflict with people. People are saying how nice it is to work with me, but it is because I am so much more comfortable in my skin. It is miraculous for me to have things go so smoothly with other people.”


Sally Williams lives and practices homeopathy in Buffalo, New York

Photo: Breatharian by Robert Pasternak




Keywords: exhaustion, infections, swollen glands, procrastination, TV, alcoholism, breatharian, meditation, God
Remedies: TV emanation


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Reply #2 on : Tue March 06, 2012, 19:05:35
Thank you for your comment!
The remedy is available at www.helios.co.uk.

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TV emanation
Reply #1 on : Tue March 06, 2012, 16:09:32
I am very interested in this remedy as I think there are many cases unsolved who need it, but where do you get it?
Very good case