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The study of X-ray

by Louis Klein


Energetic fields prepared homeopathically (potentized) have been made and used in homeopathic history since the time of Hahnemann who did provings utilizing magnetic energy. X-ray is the second oldest “imponderable” homeopathic remedy and was introduced into the homeopathic pharmacopeia not long after the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Röntgen in 1895.

It was shortly after this discovery that, without adequate protection and controls, conventional x-rays were found to be dangerous. This lethality is especially to cells that divide quickly such as in bone marrow, intestinal epithelium and sexual cells. Immediate symptoms of x-ray sickness included nausea, vomiting, anorexia, weakness and dizziness as well as the long-term damage.

Many of the complaints and side effects can also be vague since the exposure may leave little skin symptoms except for some redness, yet there are intense generalized symptoms without many modalities. This vague array of symptoms is one of the leading indications for homeopathic X-ray and, in fact, all imponderable remedies. There are a number of conditions that mimic or encompass this indication such as chronic fatigue syndrome, which, in my clinical experience, is best dealt with via homeopathic remedies made from imponderables.

Homeopathically prepared X-ray in its early use was an important remedy for the effects of primitive x-ray machines. I remember that when I was a child you could go to a shoe store and have your feet x-rayed in a machine that anyone, (even a child) could step up and use. I have also clinically used it for someone who is around x-ray machines frequently and repeatedly, including x-ray technicians, chiropractors, dentists and dental assistants. It is a remedy to be considered after exposure to x-rays, especially if the exposure is repeated.

Boericke gives a more thorough succinct description of the effects of x-ray exposure in his introduction to the remedy:

Repeated exposure to Roentgen (X-ray) has produced skin lesions often followed by cancer. Distressing pain. Sexual glands are particularly affected. Atrophy of ovaries and testicles. Sterility. Changes take place in the blood, lymphatics, and bone marrow. Anaemia and leukaemia. Corresponds to stubbornness as in burns, they refuse to heal.

Boericke continues to give us more indications of homeopathic X-ray in his introduction:

Psoriasis. Has the property of stimulating cellular metabolism. Arouses the reactive vitality, mentally and physically. Brings to the surface suppressed symptoms, especially sycotic and those due to mixed infections. Its homeopathic action is thus centrifugal, towards the periphery.

From the proving and older texts we have some more indications:

The aggravations are worse in bed; in the afternoon, evening, and night; and in open air. It definitely is a remedy to consider for individuals whose health is deeply suppressed, both physically and mentally.

Physical and General Indications

There are a number of toxicological conditions and symptoms that indicate the use of X-ray. The following are some physical indications that I have verified clinically:

    • Deeper diseases, featuring vagueness of symptoms and deceptiveness.

    • An underlying tendency to move into malignancy or malignancy is present.

    • Sterility, where there is no underlying cause.

    • Exposure to radiation or x-rays, especially in childhood and adolescence.

    • Obstinate diseases, especially skin diseases.

    • All forms of injuries to the skin and ulcers that fail to heal (Consider Lyssin when they heal too quickly).

    • A very high sexual desire followed by loss of sexual interest, impotency, and sterility.

    • Aversion to meat.

    • Lack of appetite.

    • Better from warm, moist applications

    • Psoriasis

    • Ulcers

    • Wounds that are slow to heal

    • Distortion of nails, hang nails, thickening of nails

    • old obstinate symptoms

Boericke’s information was based on the effects of x-ray and also a proving with clinical use. The first proving of X-ray was conducted by Fincke in 1897, (2 years after Röentgen’s discovery), using 6x, on ten provers and published in the Proceedings of the International Hahnemannian Association (pages 47-76).

The proving was repeated by W. B. Griggs, using 30c and 200c, on three provers - two male and one female - and published in the Homeopathic Recorder in 1952.

The mental symptoms according to the Complete Repertory and Reference Works are given in the following list (source in parentheses). The first number in brackets indicates the number of remedies found in a higher grade than X-ray in the given rubric; the second number indicates the number of remedies in the same grade; and the third number indicates the number in a lesser grade. The sum of the three numbers added together gives the total number of remedies in the rubric.

The symptoms are as follows:

    •  Company, aversion to {47, 85, 0} (Stephenson)

    •  DELUSIONS, SULFUR VAPORS, OF {0, 1, 0} (Stephenson)

    •  Dreams, amorous {50, 120, 0} (Stephenson)

    •  Dreams, lewd, lascivious, voluptuous {3, 26, 0} (Allen, H.C.)

    • Irritability {129, 200, 0} (Stephenson)

    • Kill, desire to {12, 20, 0} (Stephenson)

    • KILL, DESIRE TO, MENSES, BEFORE {0, 1, 0} (Stephenson)

    • KILL, DESIRE TO, MENSES, DURING {0, 1, 0} (Stephenson)

    • Sadness, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy {157, 198, 0} (Stephenson)


    • Suicidal disposition, throwing himself from, height, a {6, 16, 0} (Vithoulkas)

These symptoms reflect a more irritable, expressive, and uncompensated state of the remedy.

These rather sparse mental/emotional symptoms were not necessarily helpful in terms of getting an overview or general picture giving only a one sided picture of the remedy. After some use of this remedy clinically I have come to a deeper understanding and grasp of this remedy.

 Dispositional Indications

As described in Boericke, homeopathic X-ray was considered a strong “sycotic” remedy in the classic literature.  Sycosis has an element of deception, (Med., Thuja etc.) as well as “hyper-growth”. I consider X-ray to be a "deeper" Thuja with its own characteristic mental state. It is definitely a remedy to consider when Thuja fails to act in a case.

Like Thuja and what we see in other sycotic patients, the homeopathic X-ray patient can have hidden elements in their personality. But in homeopathic X-ray their main impetus or sense of purpose is to accurately reveal problems in others or in organizations.

In both provings it was observed that very old symptoms, dreams and states were stirred up and came out. “Re - establishes suppressed gonorrhea”.

“I have observed over and over again the ability of the potentized x - rays to arouse reactive vitality and bring to the surface old dormant conditions... as a nosode when the best constitutional remedy failed to relieve... one of the most prominent effects... is its tendency to resurrect old symptoms, such as suppressed eruptions... foot sweat... I have found it of great value as an intercurrent in arthritis..." – (Griggs, W. B., THE HOMEOPATHIC RECORDER, 67: 68, 1951).

Another way of looking at this theme is through the prism of the general disposition of a person. In other words, someone who “brings to the surface old dormant conditions”- a therapist or person who provokes old hidden feelings in others and brings them to the surface. It is interesting that Stephenson in discussing the more modern proving of the remedy compares the fact that the provers had a sensation of smelling sulfur vapor with the how “sulfur is an element of fire, a form of sub-molecular plasma.” (Stephenson’s Provings)

And in a sense X-ray is similar to the imponderable remedy Ignis. Both patients are dedicated or have elements of wanting to reveal others’ faults so that they push them towards clearly ‘seeing’ the reality of their situation. It may be someone who is hired in a company to silently observe what the problems are and report them. I had a patient who did well from this remedy say: "I see through walls. My job is to know everything that is going on in the company." When there is a problem in a company, often a large corporation, he takes care of it and then leaves. No one even knows that he has been there. It is someone who has “x-ray vision” in a sense.

The situation, though, may vary and it may be someone in a family or relationship dynamic who’s taken this type of role of observing and reporting. They have a keen insight into other people and situations, along with an ability to not be seen themselves (sycosis). This is an essential feature of this remedy.

In most of my cases of homeopathic X-ray, the patient had a tendency to stare. In one case, my receptionist noted to me that a new patient of mine came early, took a seat in the waiting area and observed everything that was going on. When you are around an X-ray person, you feel very uncomfortable, just as my receptionist felt while this woman was watching her every move made.

X-ray patients can usually rise to high positions and are called upon to express wisdom and great insight. They have, as did this woman, a strong need for control and domination, but their personalities do not seem overbearing or aggressive. It is a “behind-the-scenes” kind of activity. They may be involved in political intrigue. Again, they are not seen but have great ability to perceive what needs to be done next, and their sense is usually correct.

In the original proving, there was a kind of unclearness of the mental processes, writing wrong words, etc., but with a sudden clearing of those mental functions after a sharp stabbing pain in the left temple staggered the prover. This alternating state of mental compromise with sudden absolute clarity is also characteristic.

Allen also states:

Mental condition upset during profuse menstruation, would like to kill somebody.

Misanthropy during renal colic, did not want to answer questions, did not want to see anybody or to talk to anybody, being completely prostrated.

This great irritability is seen in the first phase of the remedy. Intense irritability with the symptoms. This intensity is something that may be kept hidden from others and the practitioner, or come up only in specific situations where there is a hormonal provocation. It also indicates the desire to generally be private in their emotional state.

Unclearness can extend to the whole general aspect of the case. I had a case of a woman who had “candida”, low energy, allergies and other symptoms that responded to homeopathic X-ray. The case was unclear in many ways including the nature of the symptoms. In the proving, there is “bubbling sensations” in the abdomen and this relates to what I have seen as vague symptoms of “candida” and food allergies. As mentioned, this remedy, like other imponderables is very good in treating chronic fatigue syndrome as well as fibromyalgia, both conditions that are hard to define and grasp.

The mental state can either be expressed as the irritability as above but also a gray depression and unexpressed grief leading to what has been described by an homeopathic X-ray patient as “everything is gray.” Also a patient said: “I tend to be calm outside and uptight inside.” I have also seen claustrophobia with a fear of tunnels and dreams of tunnels as a leading indicator. Homeopathic X-ray can help an array of modern problems.

This article includes excerpts from a lecture given in 1995 to the International Foundation for Homeopathy Case Conference. Copyright; Louis Klein 2012.

Louis Klein lives on Bowen Island, British Columbia and teaches and practices homeopathy all over the world.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
X-rays; Sue Clark





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Perfect timing!
X-ray 30c

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The Study of X Ray
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Thank you for this timely article. The emergence or aggravation of old symptoms was noted by physicians
in the vicinity of Chernobyl. Just the paralytic and sciatic sensations noted by some of Fincke's provers are sufficient to consider the potential of this remedy.