2006 May
Abelmoschus, by Pavol Tibensky
Keywords: fear spiders, eczema, stinking feet
Raphanus, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: raphanus, chronic abdominal complaints, brassicaceae, cruciferae
Terbium Nitricum
Terbium Nitricum, by Pavol Tibensky
Keywords: headache, backache, hurry, fear of losing control
Cerium Oxydatum
Cerium Oxydatum, by Anne Wirtz
Keywords: encopresis, constipation, cerium oxydatum
Dysprosium phosphoricum case
Dysprosium phosphoricum case, by Pavol Tibensky
Keywords: School problems, Dysprosium phosphoricum
Ferrum phosphoricum, Addiction case 7, alcoholic
Keywords: Alcoholism, causticum, Ferrum phosphoricum, hemorrhoids, impaired hearing, nervous
Scrophularia nodosa, Asthma case treated with
Keywords: asthma, Scrophularia nodosa
Secret Lanthanides
Secret Lanthanides, by Ai-Ling Makewell
Keywords: reflexion, lanthanide, book review, invaluable, a must have for every homoeopath, person centered approach, element theory, auto-immune disease, epochal specific, individuality, disease pattern, vaccination, antibiotics, hypersensitivity, fragmentation, HIV, aids, self-knowledge, healing, self-realisation, the road to individuation
Editorial May/June 2006
Keywords: editorial