2006 May

Dysprosium phosphoricum case

by Pavol Tibensky
boy born in 1994.

He was in my office for the first time in September 2004 for behavior problems. He is an adopted child, by older parents and he knows about it. He is very confident, colorblind, disobedient, and curious. His problem is in the school. During lectures he is bearable for teachers, but during the breaks he has problems with other children. He must begin quarrels. He touches someone with his hands and then they fight. If anyone does something bad, he will say nothing for his defense. In this way he suffers instead of his mates.

They must change schools. In the new school the director has similar problems with her son and she understands their problems. The only problematic teacher is a Slovak language teacher, who is not able to understand him.

He neglects hygiene, he does not bath or clean his teeth. Sometimes he flees from home and they must find him with police assistance. He says, "If you will strike me, I will be worst.“
He likes the color black.

His teacher was afraid to bring him on a trip to an observatory, but they were amazed with him. He was the only child who was asking questions at the observatory. He communicated with the teacher about many themes. He is precocious. A little genius according to his psychologist. "You must cope with this problem, he is a genius. Eventually he will be an adult, you must wait“. They consider an asylum or sanatorium for him if he will not improve. His father surrendered and he does not speak with him.

MIND - ACTIVITY - desires activity
MIND - ANIMALS - love for animals
MIND - COLORS - black - desire for
MIND - COMPANY - desire for
MIND - CONCENTRATION - difficult - children, in
MIND - DELUSIONS - persecuted - he is persecuted
MIND - DISTURBED; averse to being
MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to
MIND - FEAR - alone, of being - night
MIND - FEAR - dark; of
MIND - FEAR - ghosts, of
MIND - HOME - leave home; desire to
MIND - PRECOCITY of children
MIND - RESTLESSNESS - children, in
MIND - TALENTED - children
MIND - TEARING - things in general - pillow with teeth
HEAD - PAIN - Forehead, in
EYE - MOVEMENT - involuntary
EYE - MOVEMENT - rolling
VISION - LOSS OF VISION - colors; for
STOMACH - APPETITE - diminished
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - chocolate - desire
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - fruit - aversion
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - meat - desire
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - salt - desire
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - vegetables - aversion

Almost all rubrics are covered by Phosphorus.

Follow up:
First remedy: Phosphorus D 200, nothing happened.

October 2004:
"I am bad, all people say it."
"Why they do not adapt to me? Why I must adapt to them?"
Dreams: "Once I dreamt about falling from a helicopter, I do not know why."

Second remedy: Thulium phosphoricum C 200.
Worstening for 1 week, then was better and better, it was unbelievable.
Effect lasted for almost two months, then a problem with the Slovak language teacher. She did not want to free him for the toilet during a lecture. He was running from class to the toilet with the remark "I must shit“.
After this Thulium phosphoricum. It did nothing. I then used Thulim metallicum, but it did not nothing as well. He was disobedient. He had purchased a small animal, a guinea pig and he brought it with him to my office. He did not show him to the other persons in waiting room, he was very contrary.

December 2004
Third remedy: Erbium phosphoricum C200
According to his mother he was a good boy after the first day, he said in the car during travel to home, "I was contrary, I controlled it, I am not a fool“.
He was on therapy of Erbium phosphoricum C 200 monthly. He was more obedient and less obstinate. He has good communication with parents and children and no problems in school for 6 months. Then he had behavioral problems again.

Summer 2005:
He fights and he must have last word. He must comment on every mistake of everyone, teachers and parents too. He must fight with his parents, because they take him to the psychologists, homeopaths etc. This is overdoing: stage 12. Similimum is Dysprosium phosphoricum.
Fourth Remedy given: Dysprosium phosphoricum 1M.
We repeated this remedy only once during the last year.

Author: Pavol Tiben, Slovak republic, E-mail: tibus@stonline.sk

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Keywords: School problems, Dysprosium phosphoricum


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