2006 May


by Pavol Tibensky
Case of Abelmoschus

Young girl N.G., born in 1996. Her first consultation was in 2002. She suffers with an unpleasant odour of her legs since her birth. Her perspiration is profuseand the odour is unpleasant. It does not destroy her socks and it does not leave color changes on the laundry. She has fear of spiders, mostly in the evening. She has eczema on her palms.

Septembre 2004: She is timid, does not want to answer, she only smiles. Sometimes her laughing is immoderate. According to her mother she is easily offended, very disobedient, and hyperactive. She is very sensitive to touch, to pain, and her shrieking during a little injury is unbearable. She must touch everything. She does not realize the danger of something falling on her, cutting with knife etc. She has fear of spiders and flies, mostly in the evening. Her fear prevents her sleeping. She has fear of being alone in the evening and will demand to be held by her grandmother and grandfather. She says; "there are spiders in the corner". She demands to be in control of all the corners, they must look under the bed, to the window, under the pillow etc. Her eyes would bulge out of her head and she would have a frightened expression. She must hold the hand of her grandmother from one side and her grandfather from another side. "We are in her bed together from 8 p.m. till to 11 p.m. or longer. Then she is exhausted and before midnight she falls asleep. When we were here, at the poly-clinic, she must visit the toilet. At first, we must look in all the corners, all three toilets, to make sure there is not some spider. I must strike her", grandmother said. "She has urging to stool very often. In the bathroom we have similar troubles with her: we must look in all the corners and then she often refuses to bathe because there could be a fly or spider in the syphon and it could creep out."

Her scull is almost wet during sleep. After previous troubles she sleeps very deeply till morning. She has no dreams. Her position during sleep is on her left or right side. She is very thirsty and mostly craves ice cold drinks. She likes milk, salty food and sweets could be constantly.
She had itching on her palms and fingers, with vesicles on palms. Distal halfs of fingers are edematous, with thin paths of vesicles.

This girl has the typical symptoms of the remedy Abelmoschus. We have 68 rubrics in Synthesis 9, mostly all rubrics of the mind are covered. There is no one rubric in the chapter "Skin" and only a few rubrics in chapter "Extremities". Swelling of hands does not fit correctly. We can find the craving for ice cold drinks in Murphy's MM.

Rubrics of mind covered by remedy:
MIND - FEAR - spiders, of
MIND - DELUSIONS - insects, sees
MIND - FEAR - animals, of
MIND - FEAR - night
MIND - FEAR - flies, of /only symptom/

Follow up:
Remedy given: Abelmoschus C 200: 10 days it was better, not completely. Repeating of remedy 2 weeks later: no effect.
Next week: Abelmoschus 1M. She is completely healthy. All fears are gone. She goes to the bed at 8 p. m., alone, she do a crossword and she falls asleep in half an hour.
Remedy in potency 1M was repeated only once during one year.
May 2006: she sleeps very well, she need not company during falling asleep. She is disobedient, her mother must say something 10 times to her order, but her hearing is normal. She has fear to go to the toilet in school, medical centers or in restaurants./They must visit polyclinic because of her small brother/. She is not jealous to the siblings. They must visit space behind trees instead of toilet. Skin complaints almost disappeared. She has only minimal scales on fingers. Smell of feet is less.
Remedy given: Abelmoschus 1M

Better understanding of case is possible through vital sensation of family Malvaceae. Symptoms of mind matchs correctly with it. Skin symptoms could be considered in comparison with Gossypium from the same family. Cotton pickers could have similar skin eruptions and swelling during picking of crop.
Symptoms of girl needs attention, she gives impression of foolishness. She had fear from spiders in the past, when her first sibling was born. Nowadays, her mother is pregnant/september 2004/, symptoms are more pronounced again. They consulted psychiatrist with no effect.
How she handles this situation? Her attitude is childisch, demanding. This is normal attitude in childhood. Her reaction is instictive, panic. But not only panic, but there is some activity in her attitude. She needs some exertion in coping with this situation. This activity is not dificult: controling of corners, controling of space under the bed etc. She needs help of others, because she has doubts, she is not able to cope with this situation on her own. So we see features of acute and psoric miasms, this means, miasm is tyfoid.

Her fear is expressed by sensitivity. We do not see fear from losing of structure, typical for mineral remedies. There is not one problem: she has more than one problem. There is no theme me versus other, typical for animal remedy: she sees spiders, flies, but she does not think about consequencies, e. g. about attack or harm. She has simply fear. Fear is sensation, delusion.
She must hold hand of grandmother from one side and grandfather from another side.
This is most important for confirmation of remedy: we found, she needs remedy from plant kingdom. We found, she needs remedy of tyfoid miasm.
In this we see her sensation. She demands to be attached.

Miasm remedy sensation
Acute Choc Panic, if is detached
Tyfoid Abel Demands to be attached

Pavol Tibensky, Brezova pod Bradlom, Budovatelska 1, 906 13, Slovak republic
E-mail: tibus@stonline.sk

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Milka Mihaylova
Posts: 5
Reply #2 on : Sun October 25, 2015, 14:47:04
I am very impressed of the results and the case.
I would like to ask if this remedy can be used in MS-case, 22 years ald girl, fear of spiders and bisexual.
Thank you in advance
Milka Mihaylova, MD

Posts: 5
Abelmoschus case
Reply #1 on : Thu June 21, 2012, 12:53:40
Your case understanding and case taking for classical homoepathy is good,this remedy is not popular with all homoeopathic crusaders,I have various female patients with fear/phobia for Lizards home reptiles,I will try for Mind symptoms,to use this remedy and see its benefits.
In 2007 I had attended seminar by Dr Frederik Schroyens,and had asked him this very specific question but could not get proper reply,to repel the fear of lizards,I will have have to prove by myself.

Dr B.S.Sayal(Consultant/Physician)
ANC Clinic-Pune 32.