2006 May

Ferrum phosphoricum, Addiction case 7, alcoholic

by Frans Kusse
A woman, born in 1962.
Diagnosis: Alcoholic; herpes labialis; bad vision (albino) and impaired hearing. Very nervous. Hemorrhoids.

Originally she is very spontaneous, but she is ashamed because of her appearance. In the family there were many problems. One of her brothers tried to commit suicide and she was a witness. A sister died after falling from the stairs, drunk. Probably there was incest in the family (not with her).

She is very sympathetic, too good for others and she lived for her parents. When she was young she fought often with her brothers (“I am very strong”) and when she gets angry at her husband she used to strike him! Very honest and sensitive to injustice.

1. Causticum; it gave a slight improvement
2nd. prescription: Ferrum phosphoricum LM6, one granule daily

Follow up:
She reacted very well. “I feel good.” She was in a much better mood. The therapists described her before as 'a little nervous bird' and now she became a strong woman with self-confidence. She became an example for the other clients. Her hearing improved and the hemorrhoids disappeared. She left the clinic as a totally different person; quiet, in balance and strong.

The sympathy and spontaneity are characteristic for Phosphorus and the strength, striking and fighting are characteristic for Ferrum. The theme of "fighting with brothers" fits Ferrum phosphoricum.
The remedy brought the whole system in balance, emotionally and physically.

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Keywords: Alcoholism, causticum, Ferrum phosphoricum, hemorrhoids, impaired hearing, nervous


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