December 2015
Editorial: the love of diversity
Keywords: editorial
Cramping from all sides: a case of Cuprum metallicum
Keywords: muscular cramps, bone spurs, thyroid cysts, bronchitis, suppressed emotions, sensitive to criticism
Three acts drama with one actor: a case of Lobelia, Impatiens, and Belladonna
Keywords: pulmonary fibrosis, fear of snakes, epistaxis, desire tobacco, impatience, burning skin, burnout, hypertension, mafia
In the mirror, I look like an eagle: a case of Falco peregrinus
Keywords: digestive problems, Helicobacter pylori, hypothyroidism, mothering versus freedom, fear of attack by partner, peregrine falcon
Swearing at trifles: a case of Lac equinum
Keywords: subacute thyroiditis, hirsutism, inflammation wrist, irritability, love of horses, thwarted efforts, vulgarisms
It's about survival: a case of Nitrogenium
Keywords: insomnia, depression, survival, Sensation method, back into the core, intrauterine period, birth trauma
Disconnected from the world: a case of Nuphar luteum
Keywords: eczema, toe-walking, timidity, lack of incarnation, grimaces, nightmares, dissociation, love of animals
My sister is like an allergy: a case of Squilla maritima
Keywords: hayfever, urticaria, dysfunctional family, love problems, epistaxis
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama