December 2015

Editorial: the love of diversity

by Vladimir Petroci

In our third series of articles for Interhomeopathy, we again present  a variety of remedy sources. Nature loves variety, probably  because it is the best way to develop and maintain harmony at the same time.

Recently, I have recently attended public discussions with allopathic doctors and lawyers, mostly students of law and medicine, and I felt a strong desire on the part of our opponents to declare conventional medicine to be the only “real” medicine, denying any alternative methods of healing regardless of the fact that conventional medicine is so frequently failing to restore the health of patients.

An essential characteristic of our school of homeopathy in Bratislava, from which all the authors of this issue graduated, is to be practical and pluralistic. Accordingly, you will find cases using classical repertorisation (Cuprum metallicum), Jan Scholten´s  plant system (Nuphar luteum, Squilla maritima, Lobelia inflata), the understanding of the Carbon series by Mahesh Gandhi (Nitrogen), and a Lac equinum case where the pattern was found using Philip Bailey´s experience. The Synergy method of Rajan Sankaran was applied in a case of Falco, using the work of Louis Klein and Markus Kuntosch. In practice, we also often use Boenninghausen´s method and Sehgal's method, though these were not applied in the cases presented here.

I like to compare these different approaches to the various images we can see by changing the focus of our mental telescope. Diseases create a pattern that can be understood on different levels of meaning. Sometimes, it is clear to the naked eye – the patient resonates with a specific source, as in Falco, other times, it is much more hidden in symbolic meanings. There, it is necessary to apply more subtle tools in order to connect the hidden pattern with the level to which our remedies belong.

One of the opponents in the above mentioned discussions declared that homeopathy remained the same as it was one hundred years ago. What an erroneous judgment! We are very happy to live in these times when so many new developments in the field of homeopathy are taking place and our unique personal experiences are shared with all.

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Dr Md Emdadul Hossain
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Dear Petroci,
It is true that allopathy relieve's one and produces ten. It is also true that homeopathy restores, preserves and promotes health but only theoretically. Not practically because there is no certainty, hence there is no dependency on homeopathy, though homeopathy acts.
New invention on homeopathy with certainty and dependable, please go through .