December 2015

My sister is like an allergy: a case of Squilla maritima

by Pavlína Hollá

The patient is a thin seventeen-year-old girl who gives the impression of being gentle and mature. Her problem is hayfever, for which she takes allopathic remedies: she is allergic to trees and grasses. Her eyes become red and swollen, they itch, as do her throat and palate. She sneezes and feels as though she is coming down with a cold. She tends to have a stuffy nose with clear mucous and intense nosebleeds, which cannot be stopped. These symptoms appear in spring and last until autumn. 

She often has the sensation of being unable to take a deep breath. It is worse after arguing with someone but it occurs even without any cause. She has food allergies but does not know to which food. She has urticaria on her hand and sometimes on her stomach: red, slightly raised map-like marks. Recently, she has had eruptions, only itchy skin.

The allergy began approximately three to four years ago. She used to return home with runny eyes and nose. Around this time, there were problems in her family: the whole family fell apart. Her father told her that her mother had found herself a boyfriend, they divorced afterwards. Even her grandmother does not talk to her because she could not stand the divorce. The patient was afraid to walk past her grandmother’s house since the grandmother was yelling at her, sending her strange letters and text messages, which she found very awkward. She tried to fix this and talk to her grandmother, but in the end she stopped visiting her altogether, though her sister continued to go to her grandmother’s place. Grandmother had swayed her sister, who started to act strangely, in a very unpleasant manner towards her. She says that her sister is difficult; she is like the allergy.

The patient takes everything to heart. She can worry for a long time when someone tells her something. She tries to maintain good relationships with everyone and not to argue with anybody. When she argues with someone, it troubles her until the quarrel is reconciled. Even afterwards, she feels like it won’t be like before, which makes her sad. She had a boyfriend but they broke up. He was abusing her emotionally, threatening to hurt himself. She used to like him but he was even jealous of her female friends. They are not in contact anymore. Currently, she is living with her mother, with whom she has a friendly relationship.

It is important for her to have people whom she likes around her; she wants them to be happy together. Now, she cannot trust anyone, though. She is afraid that a new relationship would end the same way as before. Her boyfriend broke up with her recently, just sending her just a text message. She feels let down by a person from whom she did not expect such behavior. She cannot grasp it.   

The other day, she argued with her father because he favored her younger sister. When she gets on well with some people, it gets worse with others, as if interchanging or keeping a balance. The patient wanted to work in health care in order to help people. In the end, she decided to go to a general high school without any particular specialization.

She easily becomes nervous and feels stressed. She currently goes to driving school and she felt stressed even driving on the simulator. She is afraid of insects and the death of her loved ones. She feels tired all the time and can sleep twelve hours in a row. In spite of that, she has problems getting up. When possible, she takes a nap during the day. Lately, she has lost her appetite and is not eating enough. She has an aversion to cheese, she cannot stand the smell. She gets stomach cramps.

Analysis according to Jan Scholten’s Plant theory

Her problems originate in the family and in her first love experience, which direct us to the Lilianae – 633.

She looks phosphoric. Communication with people and friends is very important to her. Her sister is like an allergy. Her mother is her friend. These are themes of the Silica series (33).

The patient felt restricted by her former boyfriend, she wanted more: phase 5. Her problems also started at the time when her mother was dissatisfied and wanted more from her life: phase 5.

Asparagales – 633.5

They are friendly. Problems start often when they experience a restricting relationship. They might have a partner who is jealous and wants to control them. It is very important for them to be a part of the group. They strive to help others.

She has a big aversion to quarrels and prefers to adapt rather than to endanger the relationship. This lead us to the Hyacinthaceae family.

Hyacinthaceae – 633 53

Here, we see a strange combination of insecurity and confidence. On the one hand, they know what they want and have the feeling of being privileged to have it. On the other hand, they are too timid to express themselves. They are afraid of being regarded by their family or friends as too demanding. They are afraid that if they show their true potential, they would not be accepted.

I repertorized and chose the remedy Squilla maritima (other names: Scilla, Urginea, Drimia). In the remedy picture, we also find asthma, epistaxis, and stomach cramps.

Prescription: Squilla maritima 200C, once daily for three days

Follow ups

After one month: immediately after taking the remedy, the allergy got worse, then gradually improved. She had a severe nosebleed, which could hardly be stopped. Finally, large clots formed and the bleeding subsided. Her eyes occasionally itch but she does not need any medication for the allergy. She does not feel so tired anymore and sleeps less. She managed to pass her driving test without being nervous. She rarely has the sensation of being unable to take a deep breath.

Prescription: Squilla maritima 200C was repeated

After two years: the patient felt very well for the past last two years, with no problems. The year after the first dose, her allergy returned but only mildly. This year, however, the allergy is back. Her eyes are watering, itchy, and burning. She has epistaxis often, mostly during the night, but sometimes even during the day. She had no problems with respiration and stomach cramps and the food allergy had gradually disappeared as well.

The weariness returned; even after a good night’s sleep, she is very fatigued in the morning and needs a nap later on.

She does not have any worries, she has a boyfriend, and everything is fine at home. She does not talk with her grandmother yet, feeling it would not make any sense.

Prescription: Squilla maritima 200C in solution, once daily during a week, later prolonging the intervals

After two weeks: the allergy symptoms have improved significantly and she has had no nosebleeds. From time to time she sneezes, but it does not trouble her at all. At the beginning, her weariness worsened and then continuously improved.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Drimia maritima; Maarten Seep; CC BY-SA 3.0



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