December 2015

Swearing at trifles: a case of Lac equinum

by Silvia Trojanovsk√°

A thirty-seven-year-old woman came saying: “You are my only hope.” Her main problem was subacute thyroiditis, which had been treated by conventional medicine, Prednisone 60 mg, for seven months without any improvement.

The symptoms started a few months after giving birth to her first child. At first, she felt pain in her left wrist, so she could not hold anything in her hand. The inflammation was treated with steroid injections and after four days the pain subsided. However, symptoms of thyroiditis began to appear: strong pain in her right ear and right jaw, toothache, shortness of breath, extremely painful swallowing and oedema of the thyroid gland. After taking Prednisone and raising the dosage to 60 mg a day, the pain subsided. However, with gradual reduction of medication, all the symptoms returned. Consequently, she was recommended surgery, which she turned down, feeling it would not be good for her. After taking Prednisone, she was nervous, she had irregular periods, her face was covered with hair and became swollen. She was very unhappy.

This woman is tall and slim, with a supple body. Her skin is brownish. She speaks energetically and avidly, though a bit aggressively. She often uses vulgarisms.

Homeopath (H): Why have you decided for homeopathy?

Patient (P): I have fallen into depression.

H: What does it mean?

P: After taking Prednisone, I began to change. My face has been covered with hair and I have become swollen. I feel desperate. I don´t want to go out since everybody stares at me. I look like a monster!

H: Is appearance important for you?

P: Yes, it is. I really don’t want to live anymore if I am to look like this! The only reason I make the effort is because of my son.

H: What is your life like?

P: I have been under constant stress for ten years. I used to have a hard life. My father beat my mum and it was really difficult for me to overcome it. I didn’t tell anyone about it and managed to keep it for myself. Finally, my dad ended up in a prison for swindle, and everybody, especially my mum, expected me to solve the situation and pay his debts. As a result, I repressed my feelings; I was extremely nervous and really mad! Nobody could stand me.

H: How did you behave?

P: I am hot-tempered, so I was shouting like crazy and everything irritated me, even trivial things like a teaspoon in the wrong place. I was under pressure, thinking about my responsibility for my mum. I had to take care of her. I was living in constant fear, sleeping with a mobile phone next to my ear, waiting to see what my dad was going to do this time. I was alert and didn’t know what to do with my mum. I couldn’t sleep since I was thinking about how to solve this difficult situation. My father ran up debts and was jailed!

H: Did you tell anyone about that?

P: I didn’t want to bother my husband, he has a lot of work. Because of that stupid company, I work hard, too. I am an honest person. I was ashamed that we owed money. I was worried about my mum. I was very often questioned at the police station.

H: How did you cope with it?

P: Badly. Everyone treated me like dirt, as though I was a thief. They put pressure on me. As a result, I was aggressive but careful about what I said. When I was outside, I had to control myself.

H: What was your childhood like?

P: We had everything except love and understanding. My parents used to argue all the time. Actually, I can’t recollect anything pleasant from my childhood. My dad was “boozed up” and I don’t understand why he treated me like that! I was his daughter!

H: What is your relation to minerals, plants or animals?

P: I love animals, they are like my children. I would never hurt one. I have a dog. I am in awe of horses but I love them. I can ride a horse and I rode it even when I was pregnant, up to the fifth month. If I can’t, I stroked and cleaned them at least.

H: How do you feel if somebody restricts you?

P: Anxious and depressed. My parents restricted me all the time. I couldn’t cope with this as a child but I had to adapt. I used to talk with myself.

H: Do you do sports?

P: I work out as it calms me down and I relax. I always did sports. However, I was afraid of failure. I need to be encouraged to take part in a competition but if I do, I want to win!


The patient has an animal energy. She suffers from depression because of her appearance. Her problems started after giving birth to her son. She constantly thought about her mum and how she would take care of her. These led me to think of a Milk remedy: she must control her energy.

She is in awe of horses and she loves them. If she cannot ride a horse, at least she strokes and cleans him. A horse is an energetic, athletic, fast, and imposing animal. The proving of Nancy Herrick with mare’s milk revealed a strong feeling of frustration: thwarted efforts.

According to Philip Bailey, the feeling of obstacles and the subsequent frustration are the most distinctive symptoms of this remedy. Basic themes of Lac equinum by Philip Bailey: frustration, energy, dance, tense, restlessness, mania, glazed, talks a lot, untidiness, analytical, pride, freedom, aloofness

I have noticed that most of the patients who reacted well to this remedy were using vulgarisms. This lady used many vulgar words, too.

Colour preference: 12C. Among remedies selecting this colour we can find also Lac equinum. (Colors in Homeopathy by Ulrich Welte).

Prescription: Lac equinum 200C dissolved in water, once every two weeks

Follow ups

Immediately after the first dose, she felt relief and was less nervous and tense. She needed more sleep, even during the day; she had not slept properly for many years. She stopped being “pissed off” by trivialities. She knew it was going to be better. A few days after taking the remedy, she phoned me. Her symptoms returned: pain, and her thyroid gland grew visibly. It was more swollen than ever; she could not swallow, she had a nagging pain in her ear and jaw again. I calmed her down and advised her to continue the prescribed dosage. She gradually reduced Prednisone and after three weeks the pain subsided.

Approximately six weeks after the first dose of remedy, she stopped the Prednisone, her thyroid gland returned to its normal size, and all her results were normal. Tissue abnormalities of the thyroid gland disappeared after three months of taking the remedy. The pain in her left wrist returned but after a few days it gradually subsided.

Her physician had never seen a case like that. Her thyroid gland first looked like a maligant tumor but the histological examination was negative and therefore a diagnosis of subacute thyreoditis was made. The doctor presented this case at an overseas conference as a very mysterious, serious case with a surprising ending!

The biggest change took place in her soul. She stopped being moody, she became calm and at ease, and she started to be more honest, frankly saying what she thought. She stopped worrying about what people would say about her. Her relatives were confused by her behaviour. However, they had to respect it and got used to it. Her mum told her that she is “better” now than she was before. She has started working out and feels very good.

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