2012 December
Editorial: the Rosaceae family and the thorny side of love
Keywords: editorial
Introduction to the Rosaceae family
Introduction to the Rosaceae family , by Jan Scholten, Deborah Collins
Keywords: roses, cyanide, cyanosis, heart problems, romantic love, disappointed love
Roses: sweet scents, thorns, and cyanide
Keywords: thorns, closed heart, war of the roses, bitter marital fights, taciturn, faithfulness, cyanosis, sweetness, overly cheerful, missing a partner
I am too shocked to breathe: a case of Laurocerasus
Keywords: cyanosis, fainting spells, loss of breath, loss of partner, weakness
Closed about love affairs: a case of Sorbus domestica
Keywords: closed in love affairs, palpitations, fear of betrayal
I am confused about my love-life: a case of Sorbus domestica
Keywords: confusion about love affairs, allergies, abdominal pains
A romantic dreamer: a case of Rosa damascena
Keywords: romantic love, disappointments in love, idealist, dreamer, allergies
Love is like a thorn in my eye: a case of Prunus spinosa
Keywords: thorns, lacrimation, broken heart
Hahnemann's heavenly rose
Hahnemann's heavenly rose, by Sarah Schall
Keywords: provings, Hahnemann, spirituality, Know thyself
Panorama: Letter from Africa 2
Panorama: Letter from Africa 2, by Jeremy and Camilla Sherr
Keywords: Homeopathy for Health in Africa