2012 December

Panorama: Letter from Africa 2

by Jeremy and Camilla Sherr

Dear Friends

It has been a year since we last wrote. We are just about to complete our fourth year here, which is three years longer than we thought we would stay!

2012  has been a good year in terms of achievements, and we managed to notch more successes and to move forward in achieving our goals. These goals are:
- Treating as many HIV/AIDS patients as possible using classical homoeopathy
- Finding a genus epidemicus for AIDS in Africa
- Educating Africans in homoeopathy and helping to spread homoeopathy throughout Africa
- Creating a self sustainable project
- Showing the world the miracles that homoeopathy can achieve

In the first few years, we were occupied with opening clinics and seeing patients, and we have seen a lot of people! There are now 15 clinics running, over 2500 patients seen, and more people asking, even demanding, for us to open new clinics.  We have just been approached by a large charity that is building a shelter for victims of domestic violence, as well as by a group of churches. The word about homeopathy is spreading. Our main restriction is human power – we need more medium and long term homeopaths. Fortunately, we have had volunteers like Vivien,  Frances, Marina, Noam, and now Michelle, who have helped us expand and maintain the clinics.

The successes have been tremendous. We are getting excellent results with AIDS patients using classical homoeopathy. We see impressive results with symptom improvement, CD4, weight, energy gain, and reducing side effects of ARV treatment. We have narrowed down a group of remedies suitable for AIDS in Africa, and have published several articles and lectured on these, so that what we have learnt can be used by others. We also treat many non-HIV patients. This month Camilla saw a blind Maasai woman who recovered her sight, a little boy in hospital with third degree burns living in a bed-cage, who was discharged soon after the remedy, and a woman with an inoperable abdominal tumour pronounced clear. Really amazing! If you want to see an example of the kind of case we see many times a day, have a look here. I think you will like it[1].

Alongside the clinics, we have continued to sponsor schools in Maasai land, distribute food to the hungry (there were bad crop failures this year), give out second hand eyeglasses to patients, and microloans to AIDS widows to open small businesses.

This year, we have moved on to the second part of our mission: spreading homeopathy through Africa. And this is happening! The first great success was the Pan African Congress that we organised and sponsored together with Marie Maigre from the 4Kenia School of Homeopathy. Homeopaths from 16 countries: Swaziland and Ghana, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, Germany, Israel, Holland, England, and the USA attended. Some drove 3000 miles to get there!


At the conference, we heard new students, old masters, midwives, hospital staff, and local dignitaries telling of their experience of homeopathy in Africa. Some of the 'projects' work alone, others in small groups, all struggling, all believing in the mission, all making slow painful progress, all getting there. One group of illiterate midwives working in the bush told us (in Swahili), how they learnt to use picture cards with the remedies on them, and to sing a song for each remedy (they were taught by Germany's Homeopathy Without Borders). On our part, we shared the findings of remedies that suit the African AIDS epidemic.

The atmosphere was wonderful and we all learnt a lot. The Kenyan and Swazi students demonstrated their considerable talent in African dance, and the food was top quality. We finished holding hands in a big circle on the shores of the Indian ocean. It was very touching, and we were very proud of organising this marvellous event! Take a moment to look at images from the conference[2].

We are now sponsoring three full time Tanzanian homeopathic students. The first, Irene, is in her final year doing internship in several hospitals. She has achieved 98% in the UK Faculty of Homeopathy exam! Simon is about to enter his second year, and Ruth is to beginning her first year of studies.

But best of all is the hospital. They have seen so many miracles that they demanded to have a course, and we have just delivered it. We sponsored two local graduates from our allies in 4Kenya School to teach a two week course to 21 doctors, nurses, and medical staff. We donated remedies and books. The aim was not to have any mzungu (pale face) teachers, and it succeeded big time. It was beautiful to hear them teach homeopathy in Swahili. They did not need us! And so, our local hospital has become the first to integrate homeopathy into its practice. They are very excited and love it! I know you will feel happy watching this[3]  

Consequently, we have just had requests from a hospital in neighboring Malawi and from a church hospital for more teaching.

We know that alongside media, research is essential to show the world what can be done. We are working towards this in several ways, and hopefully the coming year will bring us some progress.

Of course, there have been challenges, but on the whole, progress is good. Our biggest restrictions are money, lack of homeopathic wo-man power and local bureaucracy. Every one of our achievements - the congress, sponsoring students, teaching hospitals, running clinics, food, and school projects, research, and translators - cost thousands of dollars. Your support is very much appreciated! http://www.homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org/donate.php

From Africa

Jeremy and Camilla

P.S. This is our second letter from Africa. If you want to know more about our project and daily life realities of practicing homoeopathy in Africa, you can read the first one here[4]  

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5aA0ZFJV2o&feature=youtu.be

[2] http://www.nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org/files/Congress%20reflections%20FINAL.pdf

[3] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjnzhImZTHM&feature=youtu.be

[4] http://www.interhomeopathy.org/letter-from-africa



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Posts: 14
Reply #11 on : Sat December 22, 2012, 14:45:01
This is so inspiring! I'm impressed and grateful that you have dedicated yourselves to this venture -- both for the people you treat and for homeopathy in general. This grass roots approach -- one that bypasses established western institutions and just goes in to do good work -- this is the way to go forward!! Thank you!

Posts: 14
Setting a good example to the rest of us
Reply #10 on : Fri December 07, 2012, 22:42:15
I admire the way you just get up, kids and all and go and do it. You are breaking ground for the rest of us. It is so progressive that hospitals are using homeopathy and sending their doctors to be taught. The blind and burned healed and tumours disappearing. Aids patients gaining weight and being able to go back to work to feed their families. Keep it up. You are quite amazing. Yes, thank youuuuu! xx

Posts: 14
job well done
Reply #9 on : Wed December 05, 2012, 11:23:24
HI,i felt inspired by the wonderful job you are doing and all the future plans of homeopathy .i think this is so great.live long dear Jerremy,YOU ARE A MAN OF THE PEOPLE.

Posts: 14
Reply #8 on : Wed December 05, 2012, 11:05:38
you are really doing amazing work.Africans now we are healthy and proud of Homeopathy.Long live Homeopathy!
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Posts: 14
Reply #7 on : Tue December 04, 2012, 10:57:45
I was waiting for this letter, I have no words, to say, I'm touched and happy to know about your succes, beacuse you give me hope about a better world, I love homeopathy and Love you both with your work for all that people who apreciates your work there. Its a hard work but unforgetable experience because all those persons are receiving the best medicine the never imagine to know!! Congratulations, I hope to be there some day!! Now Im sending my heart...

Posts: 14
good work!
Reply #6 on : Tue December 04, 2012, 08:02:54
Its such a big inspiration especially to young homeopaths in Africa! It reminds me of a case of an HIV positive boy Jeremy and i took (at kwale homeopathic clinic) and he is doing very well with homeopathy.
May you live long to inspire many people in homeopathy.
A job well done!

Posts: 14
Wonderful work!!!
Reply #5 on : Tue December 04, 2012, 07:49:06
I'm so amazed and impressed to see how you are doing with homeopathy!! You are very much dedicated to your work and good results are always seen. Homeopathy really deserves Africa and it WORKS!! What more should I say..BRAVO! HONGERA! HONGERA! HONGERA! Be blessed ever!
Thank you all!

Posts: 14
Reply #4 on : Mon December 03, 2012, 19:55:48
The work you are doing is so inspiring. Bless you and your team.

Posts: 14
Wonderful effort
Reply #3 on : Mon December 03, 2012, 15:35:13
I have gone through some of the articles and videos.Every homoeopaths are destined to work in "resource limited settings".The meaning of the same may vary according to countries.We constrain to work without "investigations" due to non cooperation of allopathy people.But we are able to show the effects through the feelings of the patients,statisticians says it accidental cure,but a homeopath knows his ability.In our very limited experiences show Natrum mur is one of the important remedy in HIV infection. Lyco,Silicea are few very useful medicine especially in asymptomatic cases. Arsenicum album is a wonderful drug in AIDS especially in LM potencies. I hope sharing the experience will enrich the HIV research in homeopathy.
All the best,for your wonderful effort.

Posts: 14
Thank you!
Reply #2 on : Sun December 02, 2012, 05:00:46
Thank you very much Jeremy and Camilla for all you do.
I am passing this letter on to people who could express their gratitude to Hahnemann in a useful way.
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