2012 December

I am confused about my love-life: a case of Sorbus domestica

by Maarten van der Meer

A 42 year old woman comes to the practice for help with her bowel problems, which are more or less under control due to naturopathic treatment. She has a spastic colon, constipation, painful burning in her belly, and distension. She has had a candida infection every since she married, 22 years ago. She takes medication and follows a very strict diet, but still the complaints remain, especially if she eats sugar. Apart from that, she  has had hay fever since she was twelve, hypoglycaemia since her puberty, and painful joints for the last twenty years or so. She calls herself a very sensitive person, and she is sensitive to medication as well.

Ten years ago, she fell in love with a woman at her work, which thoroughly confused her: she felt like she was losing herself. She collapsed and became depressive. “I have always had to fight depression.” She said that she has always carried a certain fear in her heart, which improved after the remedy. Her father had a heart attack when she was eight years old, and since that time, as she had witness his fear, she was afraid. As a child, she was obsessed with the idea that she could stop her own heart, and it cost her a lot of energy to not think about it. Her father suffered from a critical health situation: oesophagus varices and diabetes. She felt very close to him, as he was almost always at home.

These days, she works as a carer and does volunteer work. She needs a lot of sleep. She dreams about ghosts; in one dream, her third child is bewitched. She herself is the third child of the family. Interestingly, an observation from Didier Grandgeorge seems to often be confirmed: third children are especially sensitive to their father’s genetic inheritance.

The crisis came around a situation of confusion in her love-life. She began to investigate herself: ‘looking around’ and ‘doubt’ belong to the stages 3-4-5. At first, she had no idea what to do with her feelings (stage 4), and she kept everything hidden from her husband and from her colleague. This theme of hiding things from one’s partner is known for Sorbus domesticus. Her relationship with her father touches her heart: the love between child and parent can also fit in the theme of the Rosaceae. It is possible that she has needed this remedy since her youth. The situation was possibly triggered by the health problems of her beloved father and the doubts and uncertainties (stage 4) concerning him, at a time when the child is irrevocably bound to the parents. The presence of heart problems in the family, the obsession with “heart”, allergies, and digestive problems concerning the small intestine are all characteristics of the Rosaceae.

Prescription: Sorbus domestica MK, one dose

After the remedy, all her old complaints briefly resurfaced: belly-aches, allergies, and tiredness. A week later, she could already eat what she pleased, which was new to her. She was able to let go of her large assortment of naturopathic medications. The last remaining complaint was a slight pain in the joint of her thumb. Six months later, she was completely free of complaints, though she remained somewhat reserved. One year later, she continues to be free of complaints.

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