2012 December

Love is like a thorn in my eye: a case of Prunus spinosa

by Alex Leupen

As we all know, homeopathy evokes a lot of resistance. The sceptics say that it cannot work because there is “nothing in it”. Sometimes, I meet someone from a traditional Christian background who will not accept high potencies, thinking that occult powers are involved. Homeopathy sometimes finds itself thrown in a murky quagmire of black magic, voodoo practice, and satanic ritual. But I must admit that sometimes, it seems that homeopathy indeed works magic. I am often amazed by the quick and deep effects of some prescriptions.

Some years ago, a 25 year old woman consulted me for a strange but very bothersome complaint: for the last two years, her left eye had been streaming all day long.  She became quite emotional while telling me about it.

It had started suddenly, like a flood. She had been to various eye specialists, but without any relief. As such, it was not a life-threatening illness, but it was a great hindrance to her, and she was becoming desperate. Her eye dripped continually; during the consultation, her left cheek was wet with tears. “Where there are tears, there is grief,” said my common sense and, indeed, when I asked her what had happened these past years, she spoke of a broken heart. She had discovered that her partner, with whom she lived for several years, had a secret relationship with another woman for some time. This had happened in the past as well.  She was very hurt, angry, and sad. She threw him out straight away. Strangely enough, though, her eye had begun to water a few months before she discovered this betrayal. It was as though her body knew what her mind did not know, as though she picked up something from the morphogenetic field around her.

The plants from the rose family contain many remedies for healing a broken heart. Due to the eye complaint, she received Prunus spinosa, a thorny plant. One could say that the situation was like a thorn in her eye. The day she took the remedy, the tears stopped. Well, I call that magic!


Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Prunus spinosa; Kurt Stüber


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Remedies: Prunus spinosa


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Magic in the healing
Magic In seeing the trauma
Magic in matching it with the remedy
Any wonder homeopathy becomes addictive!