2011 April
Editorial: homeopathy for animals - placebo?
Keywords: animals
Arran, the bird-dog
Arran, the bird-dog, by Geoff Johnson
Keywords: averse to being smothered, desire open spaces, empathy, alertness, arthritis, pelvic stiffness
Kashmir, an example of a seemingly physical problem
Keywords: mud fever, rain scald, emaciation, savagely abused, struggles to trust humans
A guide dog with behaviour problems
A guide dog with behaviour problems, by Evelien van de Kamp
Keywords: hyperactive, unreachable, impulsive, loss of home, digestive problems, weight loss
Daisy or the importance of onset in the treatment of hyperthyroidism
Keywords: hyperthyroidism, rabies vaccination, love junky, weight loss, croaky voice,
Biting followed by remorse; a case of Lyssinum
Keywords: biting, remorse, anxious from noise, stringy saliva, over-sensitive
Meg, the alpha dog, with blood black like ink urine
Keywords: black like ink urine, alpha dog, stoic, confident, proud, fearless
Christmas with Beanie; a case of osteosarcoma
Keywords: osteosarcoma, homesickness, grief, separation anxiety, perceptive, sensitive to sounds, explorer