2011 April

Kashmir, an example of a seemingly physical problem

by Vicki Mathison

KKashmirashmir, an 18 year old Arab broodmare, presented with the most horrendous case of mud fever, rain scald, and loss of weight despite being on excellent pasture and daily hard feeds. She had been treated with everything! As horse owners know, there are nearly as many bizarre suggestions on how to deal with mud fever as there are horses. Nothing had made the slightest difference, including homeopathic remedies well indicated for her physical problem.

This mare had had a miserable for the first 14 years of life; she had been savagely abused and struggled to trust humans. Kashmir’s way of dealing with her fear was to avert her head: “If I can’t see you, you don’t exist and cannot hurt me(?)” Looking into the depth of her eyes, one could clearly see the hurt, pain, and profound desolation. She showed no aggression or anger – just a dull submission. She had been given Staphisagria and this had been the turning point in her ability to trust her present owners.

4 years later, she was sent to stud – away from everything she had grown to trust. The subsequent weaning of her foal seemed to have brought up all of her past trauma. The strange aspect of the case was that she did not show any emotional signs of distress during the weaning and was looked after beautifully by the owner of the stud. She did, however, show symptoms of deep depression and it seemed that her immune system had taken a dive, hence the severe skin destruction. 

It seemed that Kashmir needed to be treated on an emotional level, for without addressing this level first, the remedies well indicated for her physical problems were not able to work. The plan was to bring her back into her body and then proceed with other remedies.

She was given Staphisagria 1m for two days and that was ALL she needed! Fourteen days later, the mud fever and rain scald had disappeared, she had gained weight, and she was back to her original relaxed and affectionate self.


mud fever                           1 week later                         14 days later

       Before treatment                                              One week later                                                         Two weeks later

Photos: Vicky Mathison


Keywords: mud fever, rain scald, emaciation, savagely abused, struggles to trust humans
Remedies: Staphisagria

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