2011 April

Editorial: homeopathy for animals - placebo?

by Deborah Collins

chiPlacebo for animals? I could not help smiling at this oxymoron, while putting together this issue on homeopathy for animals. Animals, after all, are unlikely to think that little white sugar pills or a few drops in their water might do anything to relieve their complaints. Yet, an ever increasing number of veterinarians worldwide make successful use of homeopathy, often finding their way to it when all else has failed.

Farmers, who are usually known to be practical types and sometimes reluctant to try out methods that have not been tried and tested, find that carefully applied homeopathy reduces the need for antibiotics in their livestock.

Pet owners, as well as those homeopaths who also work with animals, see the results on a daily basis. Some of the most dramatic cures of homeopathy have been seen in animals, who would otherwise have been put down, such as the case of Rupert the horse, published in the July/August 2010 issue. So much for the placebo effect!

In this issue, we were fortunate to have a good supply of cases to choose from; in fact, so many that another issue will soon be dedicated to our animal friends. It is interesting to note the various approaches used and how it is possible “even” with animals to make use of the more modern methods, such as the sensation approach. It is also interesting to see the after-effects of vaccinations and how homeopathy can addressed them. Behavioral problems and their backgrounds are explored, as well as physical complaints which, as we shall see, sometimes have their source in past emotional issues.

We wish you much reading pleasure and look forward to your comments.


Categories: Editorials
Keywords: animals

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