2011 April

Meg, the alpha dog, with blood black like ink urine

by Vicki Mathison

Meg is a 6 year old female pig dog, nervously presented for treatment by her owner who strongly believed that homeopaths are closely related to witches, warlocks, and the marginally insane.

Meg’s problem was chronic kidney pathology resulting in black like ink blood from her kidneys. This had been going on for about 3 months with the urine almost totally blood. She had been on every imaginable veterinary medication during that time with no improvement. The vet diagnosis was not clear; seemingly bleeding from one kidney with no infection, no crystals, and normal blood clotting properties shown in her blood test. The prognosis was not good. The owner was offered an operation to remove one kidney, with the risk of her not surviving the surgery. If she came through, she would never be able to hunt or run again.

She was a very stoic dog and showed no signs of her life-threatening illness other than the blood. Her energy levels were compromised but apart from that, she just kept on trucking. Other than the fact that the blood was blacker and thicker in the mornings, there appeared to be no clear modalities in her case.

Meg was definitely the alpha dog in the pack of five pig dogs. In the words of her owner: “She just IS. She doesn’t seem to need to defend her position and is not aggressive or even particularly assertive with the other dogs – and believe me, they are no pussycats!” Meg’s owner described her as “slightly arrogant “because she knows she is the BEST hunter of the pack; confident, proud, fearless and will work until she drops.”

There seemed to be no outstanding mental/emotional symptoms, no other physical disorders, no known family history, and no clear causation.

When she appeared at the clinic, the first thing that struck me was her eyes – yellowish green and elongated. She slid into the consult room and when I welcomed her, she shot her head forward in a darting motion; totally friendly but with a distinctive sudden and sharp movement. I could not resist hanging this case on Sankaran’s sensation method and despite Meg not showing other strong Snake characteristics, such as aggression and jealousy, I decided to give her Lachesis, based on her appearance and gestures.

Lachesis is indicated for black urine but is not mentioned under ‘black like ink’. Lachesis pertaining to Meg’s pride and slight arrogance is indicated under MIND:Egotistical (haughty)

She was given Lachesis 30c – twice daily for three days and by the fourth day the urine was clear. She was back running with the pack within 7 days. Three years later, she is still an energetic working dog.

Regarding Meg’s apparent lack of aggression and volatility in relation to her unquestioned and totally unchallenged position of leadership in the pack, I wonder if the other dogs were aware of a covert power, which was not detected by us humans.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Bull terrier; Caelum


Keywords: black like ink urine, alpha dog, stoic, confident, proud, fearless
Remedies: Lachesis muta {as Lachesis mutus}


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Madeleine Innocent
Posts: 1
Reply #1 on : Mon June 27, 2016, 00:19:18
It is so inspiring to hear about how homeopaths just recognise the remedy by something about the appearance or manner. Fantastic prescribing.