2010 November
Editorial: Actinides - second act
Keywords: editorial
In Memoriam Dr Alfons Geukens
In Memoriam Dr Alfons Geukens, by Henk Van Hootegem, George Vithoulkas
Keywords: in memoriam
Torako Yui: the miracle in action
Keywords: homeopathy, Japan, miracle
The Actinides: The Ultimate Challenge
Keywords: Actinides
Californium nitricum: I feel like a fragmentation bomb
Keywords: ADD/ADHD, highly sensitive, chaos, bursting, exploding, like a bomb, fighting an invisible ennemy
Plutonium nitricum: I had an idea to make a bomb with chlorhydric acid and zinc
Keywords: destruction, bomb, terrorism, resistance to evolve, refuse authority, anger, violence
Plutonium nitricum: he has lost his inner light
Keywords: hatred, violence, nastiness, godlike, loss of inner light, drugs
Thorium metallicum: a magician with renal failure
Keywords: renal failure, living on borrowed time, cautiousness, doubt, uncertainty, starting and stopping
Jan's column: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Keywords: chronic fatigue syndrome