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Plutonium nitricum: I had an idea to make a bomb with chlorhydric acid and zinc

by Marie Luc Fayeton

B.Laden (we will call him as such!) is born in 1981. I met him in August 2000, while I was visiting his aunty who asked me to see him because he cannot keep a job. It always starts well: he appears clever, clear in his professional goals, mature, and stable, which impresses his boss but very quickly he is fired for incompetence and insolence.
- unable to obey and to be dependent on someone
- refuses any authority
- incapable of mastering his moods
He has always been quick to anger. He has burned the curtains and the carpet three times, as soon as he was tall enough to reach the matches.

Unable to make an effort:

“I’m feeling great, suddenly I’m asked to make an effort and then that’s it, I feel weak and I can’t do anything.”

Despite great physical strength:

“I’ve never lost an arm wrestle.”
“I don’t mind working 10 hours on my car engine but when I work for someone else, I get hot flushes, I lose my strength. Just thinking about it, I’m hot.”

Destruction, bomb, terrorism:

“I told my father: “All you’ve built in the last 50 years, I can destroy it in one second; you, your wife, your house, your garden, everything. Beat me, I swear, I’m going to burn everything down.”
“I’ve said to X. who didn’t want to pay me back: ‘I’ll burn your car down’. When someone owes me money, I just have to say ‘I’ll beat the shit out of you’ and I get the money back, then and there.”
“When I get heated, I put everything in the fire. Well, it’s not the fire, it’s the explosion. I get 25 litres of petrol and I put a match to it; you put the whole thing in the basement, it’s super powerful, it blows the whole place up. You hold the can with tape, you make a hole in the lid to put a cigarette in, you light it and BOOM!”
“I had an idea to make a bomb in a pressure cooker, with chlorhydric acid and zinc. You tape the whole thing and you wait 24 hours.”
“I’ve often thought that I could be a terrorist; that my job was to set bombs.”
He often talks of bombs he would set close to a nuclear power station, which would then explode and set off the next station, etc.


“I smoke pot since the age of sixteen.”


1: a room with no exit, where everything is dangerous. Only one way out: go through a phosphorescent trough to be transformed into a robot but with me, it didn’t work. There are some sort of men who are transformed in that trough.
There is a boss in that thing and I don’t want to hear about it. It’s like in my life.
At the end of the dream, I understand that I’ve got to dip my arms in the trough but with me there is no point, they go back to normal.
2: I have to breathe that same phosphorescent stuff to get high; it was a drug.

There is a resistance to undergo an evolution by the power of an external light, hence the inability to accept advice or orders from the father or the boss. When we associate this resistance with the bomb theme and the violent strength to the detriment of intelligent behaviour, Plutonium seems obvious. One, however, needs to have read the pathogenesis!

Prescription: Plutonium nitricum 1M


A few months later, his aunty tells me that he has been metamorphosed by the remedy; he has found a job and all is going well.
When he has had a relapse and became agitated again, I have been asked to send a dose of the remedy and each time he has regained his composure; it has happened three times in two years. Since April 2002, I have not heard from him.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons


Keywords: destruction, bomb, terrorism, resistance to evolve, refuse authority, anger, violence
Remedies: Plutonium nitricum


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Depleted uranium and terrorism
Reply #1 on : Tue November 11, 2014, 20:56:53
This is such an interesting case. I'm curious if any homeopaths have tried it on people from the Middle East who have been exposed to depleted uranium from munitions and where young men turn to terrorism to "solve" their problems.