2010 November

Editorial: Actinides - second act

by Deborah Collins

On October 18 of this month, one of the most dynamic of homeopaths, Alfons Geukens of Belgium, passed away. Combining a formidable knowledge of materia medica and repertory with sheer hard work, Alfons has inspired a generation of homeopaths at his centre in Hechtel, and countless more with his video courses. We have included two tributes in this issue - one from George Vithoulkas, his teacher, the other from one of his student - and I personally add my heartfelt thanks for the basis he has laid to my homeopathic work.

This month, we continue with a series of actinide (radioactive) remedies cases. True to the homeopathic principle of “like cures like”, that which has such a profound capacity for destruction must also have an enormous potential for healing very deep ailments, both of a physical and a mental/emotional nature. An interview with Deirdre Holmes highlights the shadow side of these powerful remedies and their capacity to bring the darkest of places into the light. Several cases illustrate this theme.

We have the second part of Torako Yui’s life story, showing how she has successfully brought homeopathy to Japan, where it now flourishes. She has a truly holistic approach, encouraging a healthy approach to agriculture, nutrition, mind, and spirit.

For coming issues, we are collecting cases concerned with the homeopathic treatment of cancer and mental health, and we are looking for cases from the Lamiales and Papaveraceae families. If you have cases or insights that you find valuable for sharing, we would very much welcome your contributions. Many thanks for your continued participation.


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