October 2015
Editorial: precious insights
Editorial: precious insights, by Carolyn Burdet
Keywords: editorial
Facets, structure, and clarity: recognising the Gemstone remedies
Keywords: clarity, clear, hard, structure, trapped, strength, weakness, opposition, power struggle, grief, depression
We were not bonded as a family: a case of Amethyst
Keywords: deep shock, bond, split, angels, healing, peacekeeping, negative energy, headache, cold wind
Structure was not stable: a case of Rose quartz
Keywords: structure, guilt, responsibility, separation, shut out, connected, stable, balanced
I feel trapped: a case of Emerald
Keywords: trapped, strength, hard, facet, smooth, clear, murky, gem, jewel
I am finding it more and more difficult to attain what I should do: a case of Cadmium phosphoricum
Keywords: undermined, aggrieved, critical support, unappreciated, constant pressure to perform
I can't make any decisions: a case of Scandium metallicum
Keywords: indecisive, decision, direction, security, routine, structure, stability, insecure
Panorama: seminars and books
Keywords: Panorama