October 2015

Facets, structure, and clarity: recognising the Gemstone remedies

by Julie Geraghty

Gemstone sensations 

The sensations of the Gemstone remedies are: to be contained, sealed, locked inside, to hide away, and disconnect or detach themselves from complex, fixed family dynamics. To open up and express makes them feel vulnerable and exposed.

Gemstone words

As gemstones are crystal structures, there are references to structures, stability, strength, bonds, hardness, facets, cracks, fissures, colour, light, clear, clarity. The negative state focuses on deep, dark profound depression, an experience of being trapped between opposing forces – a masculine / feminine power struggle, dark / light. There are feelings of weakness, collapsing, falling apart, shattering, of being flawed. The challenge is to undergo an inner process of transformation to become who you really are, to emerge from the darkness into the light.

Gemstone issues  

Each gemstone has a specific issue. In Rose quartz, Peter Tumminello in his book “Rose quartz, Garden of the Heart” says it is the feeling of being a martyr for love, becoming over-responsible for the family and loved ones. It is a remedy particularly for women, who are over-sensitised to the needs of those in the family and feel it is their duty to offer selfless service. They become enmeshed in family dynamics, immersed in responsibilities for holding the family together. They can hold the role of peacemaker, attempting to counter-balance the anger of the father and the grief of the mother (DD Magnesium remedies, Jan Scholten). They are unable to maintain their own boundaries; in the end have to retreat behind a protective barrier, but then they are trapped in a very lonely place. To shut out the painful situation, they shut down, and find themselves in the dark, longing for the light.

All the Gemstone remedies share gemstone characteristics, so comparison between them can be very close.

Rose quartz: the situation is that of a martyr to love, feeling the effects of painful separation and trying to hold things together. Characteristic are the perfectionism, diligence, guilt and sense of responsibility for others, resulting in collapse.  Rose quartz remedy can help to release grief and depression, ease challenging family relationships, helping to develop a healthier sense of detachment and enable one to let go of feeling responsible for family dynamics. The remedy helps people to emerge and come back to themselves, aligning heart and head.

Physical: migraine headaches, pain with nausea, PMS, neurological, circulatory problems, cold hands, Raynaud’s syndrome. Insomnia, palpitations, nausea with pain, genital herpes.  Cancer miasm.


Amethyst: love, passion, oversensitive to negativity of others, loss of source of loved one equates to loss of life purpose (DD Ignatia, Nat mur). Orphan, isolation, lack of connection, delusion soul/body separated, meditation, desires peace, angels. Calamity, deep shock.

Physical: pain, head + heart, headache, wind agg respiratory, sinusitis, renal colic, kidney support. Cancer miasm.


Emerald: power struggle between opposing forces, relationship difficulty with opposition between masculine/feminine, feeling trapped. Contains Beryllium. Physical stamina, Herculean strength.

Physical: ailments from exertion, shoulder pain, detoxification of heavy metal poisoning, liver, explosive diarrhoea, vomiting, migraine, sinus, corns.


Diamond: hardness, resilience, clarity, indecision, worth, being seen or gaining recognition, power struggle between masculine/feminine for recognition and value. Profound depression, loss of most valued person or possession. Abuse of power. AIDS. Syphilitic miasm.


Sapphire: creativity, hardness, coldness, façade, bad marriage, unhappy relationship, domination masculine/feminine – can be wife dominating husband, after remedy “empowered setting boundaries”, shuts emotion away from traumatic experiences, versus outpouring of grief, violent injury or accident (Princess Diana), war, cold, killing.

Physical: arthritis, tendonitis, violent intercourse, injured erectile mechanism - crooked penis.


Ruby: on a mission to deliver an enormous task, religious or military mission, crusade, quest, slay the dragon, power, heartless, masculine will eclipses feminine, marital conflict, strategists, ruthlessly implementing plan of action, war, military, ruthlessness, (Burma military regime put Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest).

Physical: inflammation, hot disease of the shoulders.


Black opal: Trojan horse, breaking down barriers, agent of change for family patterns, truth, higher meaning, treasure of the authentic spiritualised self, disillusioned by humanity, imprisoned by society laws, wildness, restriction, Northern lights, colours, community, artistic expression, (DD Argentum nitricum).

Physical:  flushes of heat, loss of voice, fainting


Lapis lazuli: stuck, buried, mired in mud, trapped by mundane, feels used by caring for others/children, seeking to be free, malign forces, floods in the proving. Contains aluminium – greyness. Journey of personal transformation to brightness, digging in the mud to find meaning.




Turquoise: protection against injury (DD compositae), bullying, fighting for your rights, accidents in the proving, falling off ladders, never well since an experience perceived as a tragedy; for example, accident or losing job or relationship break up.

Notes taken by Carolyn Burdet at Julie Geraghty's masterclass lecture at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, which was based entirely on Peter Tuminello's teachings on the Jewel and Gemstone remedies at a seminar he gave in Cape Town, South Africa, in May 2015, and on information and provings in his books, Twelve Jewels and Rose Quartz Garden of the Heart.

Photos: Shutterstock
Amethyst; Sergey Toronto
Diamonds; Sebastian Kaulitzki
Ruby; Imfoto
Lapis lazuli; Alexander Maksimov





Keywords: clarity, clear, hard, structure, trapped, strength, weakness, opposition, power struggle, grief, depression
Remedies: Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Lapis lazuli, Rose quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise


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