October 2015

Book review: Rose quartz, garden of the heart by Peter Tumminello

by Enna Stallinga

Rose quartz by Peter Tumminello

Peter Tumminello’s experience with the gemstones in homeopathy has opened a whole new field of possibilities. The gems, formed from ordinary elements under high pressure in the depths of the earth, have by their very nature quite specific qualities that distinguish them from our known mineral remedies.  In his first book on gem remedies, “Twelve Jewels”, Peter extensively described 12 gemstones and their applications, together with illustrative cases. His descriptions of the remedies make them easy to recognise in practice, and the results are well worth the effort of the study.

After having written this book, he realised that Rose quartz deserves to be featured as well, given its importance as a remedy. The theme of Rose quartz is that of idealised love, and the grief of unfulfilled love. It is a good remedy for someone who falls in love with a married person, for instance, but in a different way than Natrium muriaticum. They cannot find their boundaries when it comes to love. This applies not only to romantic love, but also to one’s loved ones such as ones children; there is a great fear of losing one’s loved ones. Losing one’s boundaries is a typical theme of the gemstones, which is reflected in various ways with each different gem. People needing Rose quartz take the responsibility of the family on their shoulders and thereby lose track of their own boundaries, in order not to feel the underlying fear and guilt. This underlying pain can be situation of a child who has become the confidant of an unhappy mother, doing everything to comfort her, or children holding their parents’ marriage together by becoming “pleasers”. Like most of the gemstones, Rose quartz has the ability to heal deep old trauma, such as sexual abuse. It helps to release the “addiction” to unhealthy love relationships, the giving away of oneself out of a feeling of inadequacy. 

The cases in this book, and particularly the changes that the patients make, illustrate much about this remedy. One sees a sense of safety arising, and an ability to set clear and safe boundaries, without feeling guilty. “Gentle” would be the word that best describes the atmosphere of this beautiful remedy.

This compact book about Rose quartz is very accessible and pleasant to read, giving a good overview of the remedy and making it easy to spot our Rose Quartz patients.

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